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SSOF Mailing Forum...

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FORUM PRIVACY: SSOF is a private forum for registered and current owners of Superformance S-1s only. Any discussions and our transmitted materials are not to leave this forum without expressed permission of both the author, contributors and the forum moderator. Breach of privacy under the previous conditions can result in immediate and permanent termination of this forum without notice.

The SSOF mailing forum is a network programmed to deliver messages into the normal E-mail boxes of all registered SSOF members. With this tool, members can send out E-mail to all their fellow members with one click. Other members can reply to all their fellow members as well. Good communication is the key to success in any large organization, and this no exception. To make the best of this tool, there are a few guidelines to follow…

1.)  To POST a message, simply address your E-mail to - You must post
       from a computer that has it's return address entered as the same as the E-mail address you signed up with.
2.)  To REPLY to a message, simply press the REPLY button if you want to reply to the list as a whole, or press
REPLY ALL button to post to the sender AND the entire group, then you can go up and delete the "group"
       address if you want the mail to go only to the sender. The most preferred selection is to reply just to the GROUP,
       which then you just simply press the
REPLY button..
3.)  Be sure to sign your message with your REAL NAME & CAR NUMBER so everyone knows who you are!
       We will try to list your return name at the top of the Email with that same information, so it will automatically
       appear… this way you won't have to type the info in every time manually. As an
       example, your signature should look like this, 
John Doe - 1001
4. ) If you plan on posting a message not really directly related to the Superformance cars (such as events coming up,
       miscellaneous questions, etc), then on the subject line before the subject text place this tag
5.)  Keep messages as short as possible. * Cut out and trim any and all unneeded text when replying!!!
       Please "trim your posts", which involves manually dragging your cursor across any unnecessary text after you hit
       the *reply* button to highlight it, then delete it leaving only the text, or a portion of it which you are replying to
       or referring to. Please also delete the footer (links, advertising, etc) at the bottom of each post as it is automatically
       generated each and every post. Doing this cleans up the messages, makes them easier to read, reduces mail size so
       more can fit in the archive space as well as reduce reading length for *digest* subscribers (who receive 25
       messages in one mail where they can see the same repetitive content posted over and over and over again.)
       Following these few simple procedures will assist in greatly enhancing your everyone's posting pleasure!

  Since there are many members also on this list, there may be as many as 20 emails per day seen here. Keep your
      your messages to only on-topic subjects. However, there is nothing wrong with occasional friendly greetings,
      posting parts for sale or wanted to buy, questions, etc!
7.)  Please contribute often. We'd like to hear everyone on here at one time or another!
8.)  If the email traffic is too much for you, request the DAILY DIGEST mode, where only one E-mail per day will be
       delivered, with all the day's content inside.
9.)  If the traffic is STILL too much, you can opt to have your messages stored on the site with the
No E-Mail (Web View Only) mode. There you can only see and read your mail by going to the yahoogroups any
      time you wish.
(You must create a user name and password on Yahoo to do so)…
10.)  It is highly suggested that you set up a "Mail Filter" to automatically separate your mail list mail from you regular
        daily deliveries. This will keep your mail box uncluttered, and separate. This option is accessed in your mail
        reading program. Go here…
11.)  If mail can not be delivered to you either due to a server outage or your mail quota on your server is full, then
        messages will come back to SCOF as "
Bounced." Your account is automatically deactivated, where it will have to
        be manually reactivated during site maintenance once a week. If your account repeats the bounce, then you will be
        placed on DIGEST mode. If the bouncing does not cease, then you will be place on web-view mode, or eliminated
        from the list. KEEP YOUR MAIL BOXES CLEANED OUT!


SSOF Mailing List ( Delivery Options...

The members of SSOF are highly active on the mailing list, and you can sometimes see an average of 5-10
E-mails a day. It is highly recommended that you create a 
Mail Filter sin your mailing program on your computer
to better manage the volume of mails. You can do this by clicking on the mail filter button at the top of this page.

1.) Individual E-Mail (Instant messaging) mode; This sends you the individual E-mails as they are sent.
      On the spot. This is great to get up to the minute information. This is your default setting.

Digest mode; This packs all the day's Emails for you, into one single email sent to you
     at the end of each day, or when the bundle reaches 25 mails, whichever comes first. This is a good way
     to get all the information without overloading your mailbox if you already get a lot of mail.

No Email (web view only) mode; This is the least desirable, however, it is better than unsubscribing
      completely. With this mode, you simply have to go to to view your
      messages, as if it were a web page. The problem with this is if you forget to look at your
      messages, you'll never see them.

      (in any of the above settings, with a
yahoogroups user name and password, you can go back on the yahoo
       site and read archived mail at any time you wish. Create one if you have not done so at )

Unsubscribe; This completely takes you off the mailing list, where no one will be able to
      get any information to you. Once taking on this fatal position, your only option is to resign on
      to your account, and ask permission from the administrator. We highly discourage this option
      unless deciding to quit the group entirely, permanently, or unless your car has been sold. There will be a
      minimum 6 month restriction on resubscribing if choosing this option.


SSOF Mailing List Conduct…

TOPICS: While discussing important issues regarding our Superformance S-1's is the main purposes of this forum, it would get very boring if that's all that transpired. Therefore you will find a bountiful exchange of ideas, technical questions and answers, as well as recreational information and personal reports on the "latest happenings." This forum is about the "owners" of  Superformance S-1's, not merely the cars by themselves, so a broad range of non-S1 topics will surely be covered, especially during the "off-season" months of October through March. If it were just all tech talk, it would become very boring, very quickly. If you feel the "personal" messages sent are not of interest, simply use the "delete" key.

Article I.
a.)  Upcoming Dates & Events
b.)  Review and discussion about previous events and results
c.)  Important issues directly affecting members
d.)  Parts For Sale or Wanted to Buy. Post with "FOR SALE" or "WANTED" in the subject line. No more than 1/week
e.)  Questions on vehicle modifications, maintenance, set up and operation
f.)  General information regarding the sport
g.)  Latest hints, tips, suggestions, upgrades and notices about vehicles and techniques

a.)  Commercial advertising or "mass selling" by businesses or members without prior administrator authorization.
b.)  Personal arguments and public bashing of other members, businesses or organizations
c.)  Foul language, derogatory statements and intentionally demeaning and sarcastic remarks either generally or
       specifically directed at any individual, group or business either a member of SSOF, or not.
d.)  Knowingly pass untrue and intentionally misleading statements, remarks, rumors or comments
e.)  Malicious name calling, unnecessary vendor criticism and disrespect towards other members
f.)  Emotional or uninformed complaints only for the sake of complaining with no offer of solution or compensation
g.)  If there are any personal disagreements or issues to be resolved, this must be done privately and directly
h.)  If there are any public disagreements or issues to be resolved, this must be PROPERLY, COURTEOUSLY and
i.)  If you in any way, shape or form forward, copy, refer to, communicate or otherwise distribute private discussions
      and or materials and passwords pertaining to anything posted on the SSOF forum to anyone else other than a
      currently registered SSOF member without the expressed permission of both the author, contributors and the
      forum moderator.
j.)  The posting, discussion, inference, solicitation or organization of regarding any future, pending, potential legal
      action or situation, involving or regarding any related business, SSOF or it's members.

  If you are unsure if your post will possibly violate the above agreement, feel free to forward the message
      privately to the list administrator for consideration and approval. This will guarantee your position on the list.

l.)  Be aware... decorum of this list will PROTECT DEALERS & MANUFACTURER FROM ANY
     UNWARRANTED BASHING at all costs... but it will not keep them from
     the way it should be.

If for some reason the above rules are violated, the list owner has the option of warning the specific individuals no more than once, then either suspend the user for a disclosed amount of time, or remove the user from the list indefinitely. THERE IS NO NEGOTIATION in these rules!!! The list owner retains all rights to this list and it's operation. This is in place for the benefit of list members and the integrity of the list itself.

*** LIST ETIQUETTE IN ONE SENTENCE…  "Honesty, Courtesy and Respect"


All communications made available as part of this forum and any opinions, advice, statements, views or other information expressed in this forum are solely provided by, and the responsibility of, the person posting such communication, and not of SSOF©. SSOF© does not certify, endorse, verify, edit or review the contents of any communication posted to this forum. SSOF© makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with regard to the posted communications or information contained therein. SSOF© is not responsible for defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any author posting to this forum. SSOF© reserves the right to remove any postings from this forum at its discretion; this reservation creates no affirmative duty in SSOF©, and failure to exercise this power shall not subject SSOF© to any liability of any sort. Persons posting to this forum hereby agree to abide by all applicable State and Federal laws and to accept legal responsibility for the contents of their communications.

The Superformance S-1 Owners Forum© is not affiliated with Superformance® or it dealers in anyway, shape or form.
  This is a privately and independently owned and managed non-commercial website and mail list.