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SUPERFORMANCE CARS _______________________________
      427 Cobra Mk-III S/C #3149  (MkIII Roadster - used) *
      427 Cobra Mk-III S/C #2206  (MkIII Roadster - used) *
      427 Cobra Mk-III S/C #2144  (MkIII Roadster - used) *
                                                                                       * = Indicates a SCOF Member-owned vehicle
                                                                                      ** = Indicates a Superformance Dealer vehicle
SPF ENGINE PARTS____________________________________
     Starter: High Torque - Small Ford  (ALL - new)

SPF DRIVE TRAIN PARTS_______________________________
     Tremec TKO-600-R Transmission  (ALL - used)
     Transmission synchros: Develco for BorgWarner transmission  (ALL - new)

SPF SUSPENSION & CHASSIS PARTS_____________________
     Shocks, Springs, Rear mounts and Joints  (Cobra - used)

SPF TIRES & RIMS_____________________________________
     Rims: 17" Front & rear  (Cobra - used)
     Tires: 15" Front 255/60 & rear 275/60 - Firestone Firehawk 500's  (Cobra - used)

SPF BODY & INTERIOR PARTS__________________________
     Floor Mats - Superformance  (Cobra - new)     -- SOLD IN 1 HOUR!
     Soft Top / New Style - Superformance  (Cobra - used)
     Hood - Superformance  (Cobra - used)
     Quick Jack (1) - Black Front Cobra  (Cobra - used)
     Belts: Shoulder harness "Y"-style - RJS  (ALL - used)

OTHER VEHICLES_____________________________________
     Rims: 15"x6 Trailer rims - Steel heavy duty  (used)
     AM/FM 6-CD Ford Stereo Radio for Ford cars/trucks  (Ford/Pioneer - new)
     Carpeted Floormats for 99-07 Superduty  (Nifty Catch-All - new)
     Grill: Billet aluminum - Ford super duty trucks  (Stull - new)
     Polished aluminum intake elbow - Ford 6.0 super duty  (Ford - used)
     Radio & Speakers: For RV's and trailers  (Vintage - used)
     Performance computer module: Ford 6.0 super duty  (SCT - new)
     Air filter: Reusable - Ford 7.3 super duty  (K&N - new)

AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS & EQUIPMENT____________________
     Computer Scan Tool: SunPro 9015       (SunPro - used)
     Computer Scan Tool: SunPro CP9035  (SunPro - used)
     Computer Scan Tool: SunPro CP9145  (SunPro - used)


GUNS, AMMO & EQUIPMENT ___________________________

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* Many cars for sale in this site are owned by members of the SCOF - Superformance Owners Association, the official think tank of Superformance, who keeps up with all the latest updates, upgrades and maintenance tips and procedures for these cars.

SCOF members tend to keep their cars longer while improving them and their resale value is exceptionally high because of all of the intricate maintenance knowledge and updates and upgrades many typically perform on these cars.

* SCOF Dealer members are official Superformance Dealers who bring some of their best deals here for you to take advantage of, with all the confidence and security in each sale that an official Dealer offers.

In most cases a SCOF member-owned Superformance car will result in a premium, well sorted out and updated car!
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