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RIMS - FRONT and REAR  (Cobra - used)

Set of 4 PS Engineering wheels. Two 17"x9" and two 17"x11". Polished forged aluminum barrel, non-polished cast aluminum center. Purchased new from Hillbank circa 2003, used 2 seasons for autocrossing (6 months total), stored in tire rack with tires on since 2005.  Estimated UPS Ground shipping in the United States - $640 to east coast, $560 to west coast. Seller (I) will
pay half of UPS Ground shipping cost for you.

SELL FOR:  $1,750.00  /front & rear set  (buyer pays half of UPS ground shipping)
INQUIRE HERE  TR102523DO   C-Alaska  …or call (907) 671-2464 afternoons  (Dave Oliver)