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The accuracy and honesty of your submission and actions during the posting of your ad are the sole responsibility of yourself. The Superformance Owners Association is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the ads or the seller's actions. Your ad can be removed without notice at any time at the discretion of the web management without refund.


Selling a valuable, specialty car can be challenging unless you've done it many times before. We can offer you a SELLERS ASSISTANT service with decades of experience specifically in the Superformance market to help you put together your sale, help you reach the best possible sale price, promote your sale page and assist you during the final sales transaction such as with receiving payment and dealing with overseas sales and shipping. Please check that option on the CHECK OUT PAGE if you would like to take advantage of this specialized one on one service!


1. Decades of experience in the Superformance market
2. Assist you in putting together your sale ad
3. Help you reach the best possible sale price
4. Help promote your sale page
5. Assist you during the final sales transaction
6. Assist you in receiving the various types of payment
7. Help you with shipping carriers
8. Help you deal with overseas sales and shipping

** Past results have proven that having a certified Sellers Assistant increases the chance of a faster sale and/or a higher sale price than without!


-  Items are
easy to find and categorized under it's specific group on the main page
-  A copy of buyer
contact mails are duplicated so you will never miss an email from a potential buyer
-  Each ad includes a separate,
private full page for a full descriptions, details and photos.
-  Use up to
500 words to sell your item
-  Ads can contain up to
50 photos as well as an easy to view slide show format
-  Each ad runs up to
TWO YEARS, or until sold
-  This sale site is promoted on
several other main entry pages of other prominent websites
-  New ads will also be
promoted on our Facebook page where subscribers are instantly notified!

AD DETAILS   (for currently registered Superformance owners only)

-  Each ad includes a
line listing on the main page under the category it applies
-  Each ad includes a
full page link for a full descriptions, details and photos.
-  Ads can be either "for sale" or "for free" give-a-ways, plus whatever shipping or costs you choose.
-  "Other item" ads must be automotive related, in either parts, tools, memorabilia, accessories, etc.
-  A link to this sale site is
included on the main entry page for
-  A link to this sale site is
included on the opening page for each of the Superformance owner groups
-  Every new
Superformance member receives a promotion to visit your ad when they join up.
-  Your ad will be
posted on our Facebook page where subscribers will receive an instant notification.
All photos and ads are to be contained in this site. No links or forwards to other sites are accepted
One item per ad only - For private owners only and Superformance dealers selling personal items   
-  Special rates for dealer commercial item submissions

DEALER ADS   (for officially authorized SCOF member Superformance Dealers only)

-  These ads are for dealer owned or consignment sold cars
-  Each ad includes all the above plus the very special "Superformance Dealer Certification" mark.

COMMERCIAL ADS   (for SCOF members and Dealers only)

-  These ads are for repeat or continuous sales that may be stocking items of more than one to be sold.
-  Each ad includes all the above plus the dedicated section for commercial advertising.

AD HINTS & TIPS: Make your photos the best they can be, with minimal background obstruction and the item as clean and presentable as you can make it. Tell everything about the item you can think of and don't be afraid to show the defects, it will save questions later and honest sells more than marketing. If selling a vehicle, be sure to explain in detail exactly what it says on the title. Many States and International sales may count on the exact wording and may help sell your vehicle easier and faster.

To give you an idea of what items to include in your ad, look over the "Buyers Check List"

After submitting your ad and viewing your ad page, simply copy that URL Web address and then include it is your messages announcing your items for sales to other bulleting boards and email contacts. Include the address to your private web where your items are listed on this site where ever you need to spread the word. They then can view your ad, photos and descriptions any time.

ADD MORE PHOTOS: After submitting your ad and you feel you want to include more photos, please submit them to the button to the right and the extra charges will be charged accordingly.