In 2010, thirty representatives of the Superformance Owners Association embarked on a trek to the other side of the globe to visit the Hi-Tech Factory in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where we were granted unprecedented unlimited access to factory that makes the Superformance brand cars, as well as cars for Noble, AC cars, Shelby and Rossion just to mention a few. The menu below will assist you in pinpointing specific areas of the factory tour, or you can just page through the photos like a continuous loop slide show. We hope you enjoy your visit. The following photos are the copyright protected property of the Superformance Owners Association and may not be copied, used, reprinted or redistributed without expressed written permission from the Superformance Owners Association.


Factory Entrance START HERE
  Manufacturing History
  Parts Storage

Machine Shop
  Parts made by Hi-Tech
  Steering & Hubs
  Suspension & Uprights
  All these dies to make 1 part
  Hand Tapped Parts

Frame Shop
  Cobra Mk-III Fabrication
  GT40 Fabrication
  Welding Jigs
  Exhaust Fabrication
  Windscreen Fabrication
  Chrome Shop

Fiberglass Mould Shop
  GT40 Moulds
  MkIII Cobra Moulds
  Shelby Cobra Moulds
  Daytona Coupe Moulds
  Rossion Moulds

  Body Finishing
  Paint Finishing
  Interior Upholstery
  Wiring & Dash Assembly

Final Assembly Area
  Cobra Assembly
  GT40 Assembly
  Finished Cobras
  1st Ever Aluminum Coupe
  Steel Hi-Boy Roadsters
  Rossion Section

Secret Skunk Werks
  289 FIA Prototype
  Perana Experimental Prototype
  Other Prototypes
  Grand Sport Prototype
New ZF Differential

Port Elizabeth Shipping Harbor
Shipping on the barge

Eagle's eye view of the huge Hi-Tech® Manufacturing facility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The 270,000 square foot under roof facility is interconnected  by 15 buildings on a 100 acre landscaped Lockington Farm estate. This is where some of the most famous cars in the world receive their birthing from design to production to finish assembly, all under one roof.

  1   Jim Price's Office  (president)
  2   Snack/Lunch facility
  3   Lobby
  4   Staff Medical Clinic
  5   Administration
  6   Technical Administration
  7   CAD Lab
  8   Prototype Build Area
  9   Research & Development
10   Tool Room
11   Machine Shop
12   Frame Fabrication
13   Component Mfg, Welding & Fabrication
14   Press Shop
15   Composite Shop
16   Body & Paint Preparation
17   Paint Shop
18   (undisclosed)
19   Final Assembly, Mk III and Coupe
20   S1 Assembly
21   Noble Assembly
22   Transition area
23   Boxing/Shipping
24   Storage
25   Employee Parking
26   Employees posing for a group photo

The Employees of the Hi-Tech® Manufacturing facility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa proudly wave to the loyal customers that give them their jobs they love so much, and that shows in the pride and workmanship of their products. Shown are the original line up of cars manufactured that started Hi-Tech, shown from left to right, the Superformance Mark-III, the Superformance Coupe, the Superformance S-1 Roadster, the Nobel M-12 GT and their all out competition Hi-Tech Spec Racer. Oh, and there are more new unrevealed models sitting in the building behind them awaiting their final touches before being released. Stayed tuned here for info as soon as it's released… maybe even sooner! (Shhhhh...)