submitted 11/17/10
Ronnie Kruger

11/16/10  Alvin Minkley  -  South Africa  -  Hi Tech Automotive / Superformance Factory

Sadly, one of the very close and personal members of the Hi-Tech factory in South Africa passed away suddenly yesterday.

If ever there was a person who will be missed because he passed away but will be fondly remembered because he had touched our lives, it is Alvin (Mink) Minkley, financial guru, mentor and friend of Jimmy Price and his senior associates at Hi-Tech Automotive. Mink passed away after a heart attack on Tuesday, November 16. He was 73.

A CPA, Mink had a long and illustrious career with Price Waterhouse, one of South Africa's leading firms of auditors. It was in this capacity that Jimmy and Mink met in the late 1980's. My association with Mink goes back to 1962, when I - then a young newspaperman - and Mink - a junior auditor - both became members of a local motor sport club. Our friendship endured and stood the test of time.

In the early 90's Jimmy expanded his small operation to include the export of Superformance products, and with the then complex foreign exchange regulations, Mink's sage financial advice and mentorship became one of the foundation stones of HiTech's success.

Never judgmental, always conservative and careful, Mink continued his association with Hi-Tech after his retirement. Mink was instrumental in introducing me to Jimmy, and probably also in Jimmy's decision to offer me the position of CEO of Superformance International in the US. After his retirement Mink had a private office at HiTech, from where he could oversee and advise in matters financial and operational

After my return to South Africa and retirement, the three of us met regularly for a leisurely lunch where we relived the past and explored the future.

We are numb. Jimmy has no words but many fond memories. So do I. We will have to find a new mentor and sage for the time left to us. Mink's wife Hester, their children and grandchildren will miss him. So will Jimmy and Denise, the senior staff at HiTech, and Winkie and I. Farewell, old friend. You were one in a million.

written by: Ronnie Kruger  Jeffreys Bay, SA
Nov 17, 2010.

From Jimmy & Denise Price, Hi-Tech CEO;

"...The reaction of your members boggles the mind. Just INCREDIBLE. I had forgotten how loyal (and justly critical) SPF owners can be. I am going to bind all this up for Hester and Minks two daughters and son (incidentally, the two daughters and their families live in England and Ireland respectively, and their son in New Zealand). They will all be here for the funeral on Monday 10.30. I want to thank you so much for suggesting (messages be sent to the Minkley family). You certainly know your "family". Fond regards...

-from Ronnie, Winkie, Jimmy, Denise and everyone at Hi-Tech..."