submitted 12/23/22
Randall Thomas

12/13/22  Bryce Adcock  -  Albany, WI  -  Cobra #2056  -  Member from 06/15/10 to 06/24/15

Bryce Adcock passed away suddenly on Tuesday December 13, 2022 in Albany, Wisconsin. Born on 6/11/45, Bryce was 77 years of age.
right: Bryce and his wife Jolene capturing a sunset over Laguna Beach, California at a SCOF winter Getaway

From Deborah Stander, Superformance Intl.
Remembering a customer, colleague, and good friend;
I first sold Bryce his Dark Silver and Diamond Black MkIII sp02056 in 2004. He had a friendly

nature and often drove down to the showroom to visit and have dinner on his days off. Bryce loved his car so much and it led him to a new career path when he moved from Valencia to Dana Point due to health reasons, and he started working for Hillbank Motor Corporation selling our awesome Superformance cars. Bryce had worked in several dealerships and brought a wealth of knowledge with him. He was a very persistent and worked every deal he could, and needless to say this made him a great sales man. He was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his love for these cars and made friends with almost all of his customers. Bryce in his later years suffered from problems with his lungs and lack of immunity but it did not stop him from performing his duties diligently. After visiting his Hometown in Wisconsin he decided to move back to be closer to his children and grandchildren while taking life a bit easier.

Bryce and I often celebrated our June Birthdays together along with several holidays and events. We last saw him when Lance celebrated his 60th Birthday and him and his wife Jolene drove down to join us in Florida. Lance and I are both very sad that our time with him has ended, but he will always be remembered with great fondness and love. Gone but not forgotten as they say.