submitted 10/08/18
Randall Thomas

10/02/18  Dan Semko  -  Richmond, Indiana  -  Mk-III #1568  -  Member from 09/26/00 to 10/11/05

Dan Semko passed away at his home in Richmond, Indiana from Kidney failure. He was 69 years of age.

Dan and three others were the founders of the double Venom Spring Fling (DVSF) that later became the London Cobra Show.

Dan was born May 12, 1949, in Youngstown, Ohio where he lived in this community most of his life. He was  a Fleet Marine Corpsman in the US Navy attached to the Marine Corps Company 33 during the Vietnam War. Dan graduated from Marquette University while completing his podiatry training in Cleveland, Ohio and became a foot doctor with his wife's owned and operated American Foot Services.

Dan Semko at the 2001 DV Spring Fling who was one of the four founders, which later became the London Cobra Show

Dan Semko along with brother Dave in the middle at the 2001 DV Spring Fling  presenting a special award for their friend "Turk" on the right.