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06/30/10  Ivan Delman  -  Grants Pass, Oregon  -  Mk-III #2450  -  Member from 04/13/07 to 06/30/10

Ivan "Dr. D" Delman, who among many things was a Chiropractor, passed away peacefully at his home after a long, difficult bout with cancer in Grants Pass, Oregon with his loving wife Arlene by his side. Ivan was 75 years old.

Dr. Delman's first degree was in business management. For twenty years his career focused on the management of manufacturing plants, car racing-related businesses, and then claims in the insurance industry. He then became a chiropractor and for eighteen years successfully practiced that profession until he retired to travel around the USA. As he and his wife traveled around the country, they visited many chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners.

He discovered that, although many practitioners were excellent professional technicians, many struggled to keep their practices alive because they didn't know basic business concepts. After discussing their various business problems with Dr. Delman, he would outline some simple solutions. Using his business recommendations, the practitioners found it easier to manage their offices, with sometimes dramatic increases in cash flow and major decreases in problem areas. Dr. Delman realized that there was a business crisis developing in many single-owner health practices, due to decreased income from managed care, increased competition, and a lack of general business knowledge among chiropractors.

To address the lack of chiropractic business information available to his colleagues, Dr. Delman wrote
The Business of Chiropractic: How to Prosper After Startup, which was published in 1999. An expanded and updated second edition was published in 2002. Dr. Delman's articles have been published in all the major chiropractic business journals.

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Randall Thomas