submitted 10/30/13
Ron Roberts

09/07/06  Jody Roberts  -  Sterling Heights, Michigan  -  Mk-III #1535  -  Member from 01/12/03 to 09/07/06

Jody's childhood was a little unusual, she learned to fly a plane before she knew how to drive a car. She obtained her private pilot's license at 15 and then her driver's license at 16. While growing up, during the mid 1960's Jody became hooked on the need for speed, thanks to the GTO, 442 and Corvettes of the day.  Even in later years skipping across Lake St. Clare at 100MPH in the family rocket boat…  Speed was a good thing.

During 2001, Jody wanted to purchase a toy car to have some automotive fun. She was always in love with the earlier Corvettes from the late 50's or earlier 60's. While attending the Detroit Autorama, she had the opportunity to meet Ron Rosen and check out the Superformance Mark III replica. After seeing the demo car her mind was made up.

Jody, being a gear head and growing up with muscle cars of the 60's she fell in love with the Cobra. In 2002, Jody, with Ron in tow, made the trip to Dynamics' home in Ohio. She ordered a car and let Ron know she had found new home for the 427 engine he was building. The car came in the fall and after taking delivery from Ron Rosen the game was on.  The car was completed in late January of 2003 but she did not see it again till the 2003 Autorama where Dynamic showcased it. Jody walked up to it and proudly said, "I know what I am driving this summer, what will you be driving" to Ron.

Later that spring, Jody called Ron at work to let him know she was going out with the car. That was the start of showing the car.  Not just a few times, but over 100 shows and won over 92 trophies.  Jody's trophy room remains a place where memories abound.

Over the years of Cobra fun, Jody worked with Ron and Dean Rosen helping with their many car events. During one of the Autorama shows, being coached by Ron and Dean Rosen, she sold thirty eight Mark III's over the three day event.

Comically, Ron Rosen said "I think she really knows how to sell the car".  During a SSR event, Jody was giving hubby Ron some advice on how to drive the car when friend, Randy Thomas, said to her "if you can do better"… At that, Jody cut him off and got behind the wheel. Well that was the last time Ron got to drive that day. At a subsequent London Car Show in Columbus, it was the same during the charity rides.  This time Jody did give eventually give the keys back to Ron.  The car was out of gas.

It was always a partnership for Jody and Ron.  On the day Ron informed Jody he was going to make a new exhaust system for the car so more horsepower could be put to the ground. Jody said "ok but if you do it, it needs to be jewelry for the car". She loved the little red car. At the time of her passing, she had put better than 75% of the mileage on it.

Jody joined several car clubs as well as the SCOF group and took to heart the motto, "it is all about the people, these little plastic cars just bring all of us together".

Jody was 56 years old and we miss her smiling face every day.

May she rest in peace.

-Ron Roberts, her Husband partner in eternity