submitted 05/19/04
Randall Thomas

05/18/04  Ron Daveley  -  Wauwatosa, Wisconsin  -  Mk-III #694  -  Member from 09/18/00 to 05/18/04

Sadly,  on May 18th, 2004, long time SCOF member, loyal Superformance owner and all around Cobra fan Ron Daveley passed away suddenly at his home in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin from a sudden massive heart attack. Ron was 63 years old.

Ron and Jackie were one of the first members to join SCOF in September of 2000 as member number #004. Ron Owned two Superformance Cobra's,
currently having #694 in his possession, which was his pride and joy and what most of his life revolved around them.

Ron recently retired and had his trailer outfitted with RV living
quarters and amenities so he could enjoy his retirement with his wife and his Cobra.

Many people knew him for was his annual Superformance Calendars he and his wife made and sold.

Ron will sorely be missed, and Supeformance has lost one of it's most loyal owners, and we have lost one of our closest friends.

So long Ron, we'll miss ya buddy.

(above) One of Ron Daveley's passions was gathering photos of his fellow Superformance Owner's Cobras and putting them into an annual calendar. Here is Ron's SP-694, and one of his favorite shots in while Florida visiting his children.