submitted 06/14/20
Craig Aylsworth

06/11/20  Ron Roberts  -  Tollesboro, Kentucky  -  Cobra #1535  -  Member from 01/12/03 to 06/11/20

Ron Roberts passed away at the care center in Maysville, Kentucky after a prior battle with respiratory problems and then recently an unidentified infection finally took his life. Ron was 71 years of age..

Ron, also known as "Gramps" by many, grew up in Detroit, the Motor City, and was into all things performance. From Fast boats, a pilot of fast airplanes to a vast collection of fast cars. Perhaps his favorite being his 427 Superformance Mark III Cobra with and FE and dual quads and a bottle of Nitrous just for kicks.

Ron went from his early years of working on his own car and friends cars, planes and boats to make them just a little faster, to a full time career at Ford Motor Company. Later in retirement, Ron surrounded himself with all things Cobra. Ron was always in the lead to organize events and car shows with friends who he would coin the "Motor City Mafia".

Never really one to fully retire with the need for speed still coursing through his veins, Ron designed and developed the Firefly exhaust for Cobras and GT-40's. Ron started this adventure with his wife Jody who not only encouraged him but added, "if you do this, the pipes must be like jewelry. Not just functional, but a thing of beauty." Mission accomplished. In the Cobra/GT-40 community, Firefly exhaust is known worldwide for the great shine of polished stainless steel and a rumble producing performance like no others.

Ron led a challenging personal life. After a first marriage ended while raising two sons, Eric and Ronnie, Ron met and married Jody and her daughter Dawn. Together they were a big part of the Cobra community. Unfortunately, Jody died suddenly on September 7, 2006 at their home. Then just two years later he would loose his son Eric to a swimming accident.

Despite the challenges that life threw at Ron, he was always the optimist, if not a little cantankerous at times. Later Ron found what he was missing in his life after meeting Jody Hall who was by his side, always. To the end. We will miss Ron, he was a huge part of life and lived it to the limit.

Above: Ron Roberts ordering at a lakeside restaurant on Wisconsin's remote Washington Island during the 2015 SCOF Spring Roundup

Above: Ron Roberts standing by his Cobra on the Door County Peninsula during the 2015 SCOF Spring Roundup

Right: Ron Roberts becoming a Bitters Club member at Nelson's Hall during the 2015 SCOF Spring Roundup