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Randall Thomas

10/12/12  Ron Rosen  -  Cincinnati, Ohio  -  Dynamic Motorsports (founder)

(Hi Tech's Jimmy Price reflects on Ron's life)... Ronnie was the reason why Superformance exists. There is just no way that we would have got past first base without his passion, determination, marketing skills, humility and incredible work ethic.

I first met Ronnie in the early 90's when he called about me assisting him with importing cars into South Africa. We had just started with our idea of bringing out a factory assembled cobra replicar and he took one look and
insisted on coming on board right away. At that time we also had my friends, Charlie Ponstein and Doug Reed from New Orleans, also agreeing to become a dealer.

The name "Superformance" was taken over from a very popular South African Speed Shop that existed in the sixties and Ron and I together decided on using it as the company name for distributing the cars that we intended bringing to market.

From then on it was me trying to keep up with Ron and I have literally hundreds of stories of our joint experiences. I learnt an incredible amount from him and there really was no end to him. He would be at work early to catch the East Coast calls and be there late for the West Coast calls. In the days before mobiles and whilst traveling he would stop at any and every booth to call the office to see if anyone had called in for a car. I did very little without discussing it with him and we spoke every day through his time with SPF.

This is not to say we agreed on everything and, both being fairly volatile, we had some ding - dong shouting matches but it never lasted for more than a few minutes and we were bosom buddies once again. If you were in business with Ron you were his partner. He would, without question, give you the shirt off his back. There was never a hidden agenda with him. You would get the story from him as it was, good or bad.

One cannot mention Ron without bringing his wife Myrna into the picture. She is an amazing person in her own right. Always a gracious hostess she would live up to her reputation as a famous gourmet cook by conjuring up the most amazing meals at short notice. We all know that Ron had no idea of time or direction so she would seldom have any warning that we would be showing up. When ever I stayed over she would always insist on taking me shopping for things for my family back home. Again there are many more memories of time with them together in their home, like one time when Myrna, an unbelievably passionate animal lover, got me to scramble down the hill to a house below theirs to give some steak to a dog whose bark told her that it was lonely and hungry.

Not many know that Ronnie was one the founder's of a very successful South African V8 conversion business in South Africa. This was Perana Cars and Bob Olthoff (our Bob Olthoff) was their lead driver when they annihilated all comers with their Capri Perana. He was also a world authority on the sales of Persian Carpets for which he traveled throughout the world in the early sixties. He actually moved to the USA as a prominent trader in very high end race horses and was a pioneer in the syndicated sale of these. A true entrepreneur, he was incredibly focused once he had decided to do something and, no matter what the problem was, he would never give up until he had a solution.

He loved interacting with people and had a delightful sense of humour as well. I can still see him standing there rubbing those huge hands together as though he was washing them while waiting for the punch line of a joke being told by Doug Reed. Sitting with him, Doug and Mike Stenhouse was like being at a comedy night show.

Throughout our life we will continue to meet people and, every now and then, we will meet someone who will have a profound effect on our life. If we are lucky they will be from that group that leaves only good and positive influences behind. I was one of those lucky ones in having met Ron.

~Jimmy, Denise, Justin and, Nicholas Price,  and all of us here at Hi-Tech

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(Superformance.Org founder Randall Thomas, reflects on Ron's life)...

Ron Rosen played a huge role in paving the way back in the 1990's for the Superformance revolution and success that it has in the United States today with his unique style, marketing magic and humble personality. Ron Rosen founded Dynamic Motorsports in Ross, Ohio as well as other branches around the country which specialize in Superformance brand products in the 427 Cobra, Coupe, GT40 and their favorite S-1 Lotus replica.

Whoever knew Ron through his business was also Ron's friend. And if you knew him through doing business with him, he was your partner... since you could not be one, without the other. Ron made dreams come true for many people he did not know, and his Ross, Ohio showroom was the North American epicenter for the Superformance World as many knew it. Ron and Dynamic Motorsports were host to our very first SCOF event called the SSR back in 2002, almost 40 events ago since.

Ron was a unique person who had a tough exterior protecting a humble and soft center surrounding a heart of gold. There is nothing he would not have done for you. Ron, and his family were the involuntary celebrities of a near cult following, elevated to that stature by their loyal and appreciative car owners along with the entire Superformance community. Humbly said by Ron, he "was just selling his little cars to good people." But it went so much farther than that for those who knew him. And as a result, Ron is, has been, and always will be... a 
legend  in the Superformance community.

From all our SCOF members, & Superformance owners around the globe... Rest in peace my friend, you have so very much earned it. Ron was 74 years old.

~Randall & Diane Thomas on behalf of everyone at the Superformance Owners Association