submitted 01/08/06
Randall Thomas

01/07/06  Steve Brown  -  East Lansing, Michigan  -  Mk-III #1696  -  Member from 08/06/03 to 01/07/06

Sadly we lost our beloved "Den Mother", Steve Brown of Lansing, Michigan on January 7th, 2006. His 18 month battle with Cancer may not have been won, but Steve surely succeeded in showing us how to both live life, and how to move to the next with grace, dignity and style. We will miss Steve dearly, but his legacy will live on.

He was known as our Den Mother, a nickname affectionately given to Steve by SCOF founder, Randal Thomas, because he so many times watched over SCOF members. And we now can be assured he has the best seat in the house to continue his vigilance. Today Steve sets out for his final cruise, looking in the mirror one last time of the so many precious moments he shared with others, and others shared with him. We wish Steve well on his new journey and look forward to meeting him again on that eternal, twisty back road amongst the stars. And as Steve said so many times in his life, "with much Cobra Love..."