submitted 01/12/03
Randall Thomas

01/11/03  Steve Niebauer  -  Greensboro, North Carolina  -  Mk-III #1116  -  Member from 10/22/01 to 01/11/03

Here our Fallen Friend & SCOF member Steve Niebauer proudly posing by SP-1116, his pride and Joy, which was only second to his wife Christy and daughters Amanda & Bethany.

Sadly, on January 11th 2003, we lost both Steve and SP-1116, and he will be missed dearly by everyone, but not forgotten by anyone. Christy sent this photo to us, and it says everything. Tragically, Steve was killed in an accident in his Cobra, which he loved.

Memorial contributions were sent to the University of Kentucky School of Music in Lexington, Kentucky.