submitted 08/06/17
Brian Greene

01/20/17  Tom Greene  -  Vonore, Tennessee  -  Mk-III #57

Tom Greene passed away at the age of 69 from a Spinal cord injury during a Go-Carting outing.

Tom was a real car guy all the way through. He grew up racing with his dad starting at a young age and moved on to own and work on many classic and muscle cars his entire life. He enjoyed and participated in many forms of racing, including many years of vintage racing his 1966 GT 350 with the Shelby club, SVRA & SVCDA.

When not in the garage or out at the track he spent his spare time as a member or the president of the local SAAC-MCR club for some decades. 

During retirement, he moved from Southeast Michigan, down to East Tennessee, where he continued his love for cars and became president of the Tellico Village Vintage Vehicles club. Tom was a great inspiration to people during his career at Ford Motor Company, in the car scene and to his family and friends.