submitted 11/26/18
Victor Simon IV

05/20/18  Victor Simon III  -  Milford, Ohio  -  Mk-III #1133

Victor Simon III passed away at the age of 72 due to Complications from COPD and heart failure.

From his son, Victor Simon IV:  My Father was one of the best Fathers, I know - we all would say that.  He loved all things mechanical.  Care, planes, engines (he loved rebuilding hit or miss and old Briggs engines).  Maybe that is why he excelled as one of the best Mechanical

Engineers in GE's Aircraft Engines (according to Jack Welch). However, what he loved more than engineering and tinkering were his two sone; Edmund and Victor (me). He was always there to lend advice, help us through tough times, laugh during the good, and give a shoulder to lean on during the bad. He is the one that taught me about car's and the love of being able to appreciate works of mechanical art. He taught me not only how to swing a wrench, but why is that wrench being swung.  My best friend, my mentor, my Father. He will be missed every day for the rest of my life.

As for his Cobra - Funny story how that came to be. It was a hot summer afternoon in 1999, and Dad had just finished mowing the yard in his ripped jeans and velcro shoes. He was never a flashy kind of guy, and he always down played the successes he had had in his personal career. He had always been eying a Cobra, but always thought they were out of reach, so he did the next best thing - he went to a Corvette dealership (who shall remain nameless) to inquire about buying a vette. After being ignored for 45 minutes, plus or minus, he finally went to a sales associate and asked if he could test drive the newest vette they had on the lot. The salesman, with a snooty reply after eyeballing my Father, stated that my Father would have to lay down a deposit. When asked how much that would be, the salesman stated they would need the full price of the car as a deposit. This infuriated my Father and this is the only time in my life I had ever seen him pull this move, but in ripped jeans and velcro shirt he threw down his business card that said "Victor H. Simon - Executive Director Aircraft Engines General Electric" and stated "I'll never recommend this dealership to anyone I know".

He then proceeded to walk right out the door with the salesman apologetically following him, and when he got home, he called up Superformance in Ross, Ohio and the process began. He went with SPF #1134 and Eric Hindenbarger built one of the baddest 351C's stroked to 396 that my dad had seen. He picked the car up in October that year, and he and I worked on that car and drove that girl every chance we got. That car now sits in my garage- freshly washed and waxed, and when I take her out for a spin, I feel my Father right next to me....just the three of us on a cruise......I miss you and always.  Love, your son.