As an official Superformance installer, dealer or manufacturer, you can register to join the private Owners Forum,  access the Technical Libraries and Member Areas, or both. There is a one time $25 initial set up fee to create your account and registration. First you will be prompted to fill in your owner information, then you will be taken to a secured payment form to complete your subscription.

* * *  DEALER  ELITE  * * *
$100/ year

Click on the entry page icon to the right, fill out the form and then you can select the level of member access for your specific




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Promote and Advertise your business on this website - Included!
Have you dealership or official Superformance business, address, phone and info published on the Publicly viewed Owners Association web pages and web site.
Offer Special Discounts, Closeouts and New Products
The Superformance Owners Association can publish for you, your periodical special products deals, news announcements and sales to our special news page.
Unlimited access to the largest available Superformance Technical Data Resource in the World
Enjoy in the worlds largest and most comprehensive technical library and database specifically covering Superformance cars while working on your customers cars. Also submit technical articles to help others and proudly display your name and business on the article as the author
PRIVATE Dealer Specific Technical support panel
bring your technical questions for your customer's cars directly to our PRIVATE panel of experienced experts for professional answers. There are so many changes and variables to these cars, only the experts know
Support your Newest Customers
If you chose to purchase a year's membership into SCOF for your new buyers as part of their car purchase, we will in turn prepare and set up a very special entry and welcome package just for your customers to help nurture them and introduce your new car buyers into the World of Superformance. With us working with them directly, it should take a significant workload off of you the dealer, by not having to periodically go through mundane questions and operating procedures with all your new buyers. We'll take care of that for you!
Gather New Customers
Draw new customers to your business as a result of your presence, support and participation to the Superformance Owners Association
Value your Current Customers
Be there on this private forum for your current customers and be able to identify and solve any customer issues in advance before they possibly become larger
Monitor your Customer's Needs
Identify your customers needs, and follow what has satisfied them on the private discussion forum
Be Informed of the latest issues, problems and solutions
Be the first to see what problems or issues owners are experiencing and proactively anticipate solutions before they even come knocking at your door
View The Latest Trends and Desires of Superformance Owners
See what owners are in to, looking for and wanting to upgrade to and provide them with the product or service that they need
* * * NEWSelect Different Levels of Access for Your Business
Your membership includes one member's email access, but you can add additional employees to access the many features and benefits of SCOF under your membership
* * * NEWYou No Longer are Required to have Car Ownership
Previously to enter the Superformance Owners Association member areas you were required to possess, prove and show current Superformance car ownership. NOW, as a confirmed and official Superformance Manufacturer, Dealer, Official installer you can gain access without car ownership required.

---You can also receive this service without forum access...

Not all of the listed features may be available at this time
The Superformance Owners Association reserves the right add, change or delete features and benefits at anytime without notice