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Why is SCOF an E-mail based
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Why are SCOF events all over the country and far to drive?


#FAQ A01 - Q: What happens if my Forum mail stops coming in to me for several days in a row?
A: There could be several causes. Many times your mail account may be "bouncing", which is the
     result of forum mail being sent back to the email list host due to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
     rejecting them. Your server may be rejecting them for several reasons…
1. If you happen to be receiving mail in the "digest mode", a compiled mail of 25 messages will be sent. If for some reason 25 messages have not been
       posted, then the digest package  will not be released until it has. Sometimes this may take several days to achieve. To eliminate this, set or have you
       account set to "Real Time Mode" where each mail comes individually.
   2. Most commonly the result of your mailbox capacity being overfilled. Simply clean out your mail box and keep it under the limit.
   3. One possibility is that your ISP momentarily shut down for maintenance or the such and mail could not get through, thus appearing as a bouncing
       account. Once the email list host sees this situation it immediately shuts down further mail from being sent to you.
   4. A growing concern is the result of your server purposely or inadvertently placed a block on mail coming from the email list host in an attempt to
       globally block potential "spam" (unsolicited advertising) mail from it's users.
Ask your Service provider to remove that particular filter for you

Once an account is perceived as bouncing, periodically the Emal list host will send a notification of your bouncing status where you can reactivate your account by responding to that email. These notifications may be sent once every several days, however, if you suspect your mail is bouncing, you can ask the Forum moderator to send you a reactivation message for you to reactivate yourself by just filling out the necessary form here
RE-ACTIVATION FORM. You can also manage your entire Emal List account without the assistance or delays from the Forum moderator when you create your own Email list Account.

#FAQ A02 - Q: How do I see the messages, photos and information on the Message Board site?
A: You need to create your own Account and set a private and separate username and password to access all these options.

#FAQ A03 - Q: What are the password protected pages on website?
A: There are certain pages that are not open to public viewing, and require a specific username and password to access them. This code is provided to registered members and changed periodically and should not be given to anyone else.

#FAQ A04 - Q: Is the username and password the same for the password protected pages on SCOF & the Email List?
A: No, SCOF and the email list host are completely separate. The SCOF private username and password are sent to SCOF mail list members upon registration and is just for access to protected pages on the SCOF website only. The Email List account you create is solely your own account and you set the username and password yourself. Keep the two separate and written down but give them to anyone.

#FAQ A05 - Q: Why is the communication format an email list rather than the typical bulletin board style?
A: Mail lists are much more informal and instant while creating a more personal atmosphere between members. Many members also check their SCOF mail on their hand held smart phones and an email format is much easier to check communications on the move rather than trying to read from a much less friendly bulletin board format. And since SCOF is truly an International global organization with members all over the world,  it is far easier to translate emails in another language than it is to navigate the many, many pages of a web based bulletin board in another language. Bulletin boards make missing important topics very easily, and require you to check in and look for and to read mail instead of the simple and effective e-mail coming to you like a mail list does. If you find the mail traffic to be overwhelming, simply by setting up a mail filter on your computer you can redirect it into another inbox easily solving that. Additionally, you can elect to create a Email List web view access account you can "turn off" instant email and read mail online just like a bulletin board anytime you like. SEE A MORE DETAILED SYNAPSES - CLICK HERE


#FAQ B01 - Q: What is the difference between SCOF, SCORE and SECOND STRIKE?
A: SCOF is the "Superformance Cobra Owners Forum", which is this website & mailing forum. SCORE is the Superformance Cobra Owners Registry. SECOND STRIKE is the newsletter sent out by SCORE. SCOF was founded and managed completely separate from SCORE and the SECOND STRIKE which are managed by another party. These are entirely separate entities, however, they may appear seamless since they work together very closely to provide Superformance owners the absolute best owner support possible.

#FAQ B02 - Q: If I register with the One, am I automatically registered with the other?
A: No, if you register with the SECOND STRIKE, you are part of the printed owners registry. When you sign up with SCOF you become a member of the On-line forum and owners group. You need to register with BOTH separately if you wish to become a part of both, HOWEVER, when you join SCOF, your registry information is sent privately to the owner of the SECOND STRIKE registry where they will ask for your inclusion into that entity.

#FAQ B03 - Q: How is this forum associated with Superformance or it's Dealers?
A: It is not. This forum is not associated in any way with Superformance, their dealers or in anyway. While this forum does communicate and share information with them which may be helpful, this is a private and completely self funded organization. It is here for the benefit of the members first and foremost. While some dealers are present on the forum, it is only because they have a registered Superformance car number and are nothing more than just another member.

#FAQ B04 - Q: With Shelby cars being made at the Superformance factory,  can Shelby Cobra owners join SCOF?
A: Shelby owners, or owners of any car can join SCOF as long as they also own a Superformance car with the all important Superformance chassis number on that car. Everyone must have a Superformance Chassis number to join the Superformance Owners Association. Since the Shelby Coupe's still have a Superformance chassis number on them before they are sent to Shelby, they qualify. Shelby cars have no association with Superformance cars even though they may be built in the same building. The parts do not interchange with each other and the Shelby versions are so different from the Superformance cars if you saw them side by side you wouldn't even think they are built on the same continent, let alone the same people.

#FAQ B05 - Q: Why do I have to wait to take physical possession of my car to join?
A: In the early stages these forums there were several who purchased their cars but not yet received them. In anticipation of their car's arrival they misinterpreted the hints, tips, tricks, new ideas and creative modifications that are traded by veteran owners. The dealers received numerous phone calls from these waiting owners changing their minds and changing options before they even had their cars, or even knew what the modifications were for. One owner even cancelled his order based only on some radical modifications he misinterpreted as being deficiencies. This forum is about owners trading creative thoughts about their cars, and the member's needs are first and foremost, not a sales site. This has been the a very successful car ownership group and the formula is well founded and time proven. While a few people feel everything should be open to everyone, once they have gained membership and experienced the format, they eagerly agree with the design and goals for the privacy and the benefits that go with it. Progress is a reflection of learning from mistakes and preventing them from occurring again. So, as time progressed, the rules and guidelines made by the members and owners progressed to what they are now. And it works.

#FAQ B06 - Q: Can I be a member of this Association, but not have to be on the mailing forum?
A: YES! There are several different levels of membership tailored just to your individual taste. However, there are several mail reception options to fit your lifestyle if instant live mail traffic is overwhelming. These can be seen on the MAIL FORUM PAGE.

#FAQ B07 - Q: Why are some events only open to members, and not just anyone?
A: Some of the events are private because it is well documented that quantity does not always equal quality, so keeping event size down to a manageable size is imperative. Too many cars and participants detract from the enjoyment of the event due to the extra efforts needed to keep everyone together, prevent souls from being lost on the route and of course insure for the ultimate safety of the participants. If certain events were made public they would unmanageable and not as much fun for the owners, whom this effort is really all for, the owners of this particular brand car.

#FAQ B08 - Q: Why is the discussion group private and only owners can join in?
A: Think of it like having a discussion in your living room with your family. While you have nothing to hide, it is also no one else's business nor does anyone else have a "right" to listen in and interrupt your private discussions. Privacy allows members to share thought and discussions that they otherwise might feel uncomfortable in sharing with millions of eyes and ears copying every word and thought said. It also allows free and open sharing of telephone numbers, contacts, addresses and otherwise sensitive information not necessarily wished to be seen by the mass public. There are more than enough open public forums on the internet to partake in, and privacy provides a sort of retreat from that mainstream just for members to enjoy. Since the format is an E-Mail list and not a bulletin board, keeping traffic down is paramount and therefore the limited membership requirement is necessary. Most members are not interested in selling cars for the manufacturer and if they wanted to answer the same  questions over and over for prospective buyers they would go to the open forums and do so, where all the prospective buyers happen to be anyway.

#FAQ B09 - Q: Why can't members copy, paste or repeat private discussions that take place on SCOF's private members-only forum?
A: Private forum discussions are not to be repeated in any manner without proper permission from the poster and forum moderator. The reason for this level of privacy is so members who do not like to put themselves out into the ruthless public eye, are comfortable in speaking freely and candidly inside SCOF where they otherwise might be apprehensive about on open, public forums. This also is in respect for CEO's of large companies and other public figures who are SCOF members who may want to enjoy a comfortable private atmosphere just to joke around in. This has worked out excellent in the past and one of the many facets that make SCOF uniquely successful.

#FAQ B10 - Q: Why are there so many areas that are password protected? Is this really necessary?
A: Much of the information is really only applicable to only to Superformance brand cars, and since all registered owners can access these areas, there is really no need for anyone else to access those pages. Most of the information there has been assembled and created by individual owners where the risk of liability for their information to be misused is reduced by offering it only for the car owners in which it was intended.

#FAQ B11 - Q: Why can't members forward the copyright protected pages published on SCOF?
A: The actual material and format of the copyright protected printed web material and content on SCOF, such as the bulletins and articles are protected from infringement just like ANY other copyrighted material on ANY other site. It's a legal issue and just common sense. The general idea, or "summary" of the information printed on SCOF is something we hope the members learn, remember and use in their daily lives to help themselves, as well as help their fellow owners. Of course in that exchange of information we encourage members to be responsible with it where it may be misused to hurt Superformance by the anti-Superformance haters who choose to use it for reasons other than being helpful to other owners. It is both forbidden and illegal to copy material from the protected SCOF pages to anywhere else without permission. We write our own articles and sometimes they are a work in progress, incomplete and sometimes, on rare occasion, incorrect. While it is easy to issue a correction to the SCOF article on our website and inform the SCOF members who previously read it, anyone NOT receiving this "correction" would never know, and could be perpetuating the inaccuracy even further and possibly causing harm to others by being out of the loop. Not the fault of SCOF, but, we just do not want to create that kind of confusion and liability for ourselves and our members all while merely just trying to HELP someone.

#FAQ B12 - Q: Why are tech articles the property of SCOF after the author submits them?
A: One of the main reasons is not for what most people "think". With this statement, it removes a significant amount of the liability from the members who submit articles and makes others more comfortable submitting them and not wind up in some court if they make an innocent mistake while simply just trying to help someone out. SCOF must also protect itself via it's own Copyright protection. Additionally, then SCOF has the right to change, correct and update tech articles where otherwise the copyright would be owned by the submitter. This allows all the tech articles to evolve and grow over the years as the result of numerous contributors over time.