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  (1)   Hi-Tech Automotive (Factory) - Port Elizabeth, South Africa  (0) 41-398-3102
  (2)   Superformance USA (Headquarters) - Irvine, California     (949) 900-1960   website
  (3)   Superformance East  (Branch) - Wixom, Michigan                 (734) 306-3402   website   
4)   Superformance Southeast  (Branch) Jupiter, Florida       (949) 900-1960   website



  (5)   Hillbank Motor Corporation - Irvine, California         (949) 900-1960   website
  (6)   Hillbank Motor Corporation - Scottsdale, Arizona    (480) 588-7000   website
  (7)   Mansfield Motor Group - Mansfield, Ohio                   (888) 577-2689   website
  (8    Downforce Motorsports - Lugoff, South Carolina        (803) 900-0500   website
  (9)   427 Garage - Carthage, Tennessee                                  (615) 588-1212   website
  (10) Flemings Ultimate Garage - Rockville, Maryland      (301) 816-1000   website
  (11) Holley Motorsports - Westfield, Indiana                         (317) 714-7586   website
  (12) Time Machines Motorpsorts - Chaffee, New York    (716) 407-0975   website



  (A)   Craig's Cobras      (Cobra home installs, Repair & Transport) - Canton, MI  (734) 673-8214   website
  (B)   AKA Motorsports   (Cobra home installs & Repair) - Mountain View, CA          (650) 444-1387   e-mail
  (C)   Performance Unlimited (Superformance Upgrades) - West Bend, WI             (262) 429-1427   website



  (Z)   Cobra Valley (SPF Sales & Custom Parts & Accessories) - Hartford, WI          (262) 429-1427   website

a Memorial Site Honoring our
fallen Superformance Friends
who have left this Earth...

Support those who support you... Superformance!
from the Desk of Gary Osborne a/k/a "UFO"; sp569

"...Fellow Superformance enthusiasts, here is something worth considering. I fully understand that most people do not want to overpay for products and services. Lets face it, money is hard to come by and using it intelligently is critical for long term financial security... take it from someone who is now retired and living out of a savings account with no prospects for replenishing it. What I have is all that I will ever have and each day I will be poorer than the day before for the rest of my life.

That said, as Superformance owners we only have one company that we can 100% count on for replacement items for our cars regardless of if it is a quarter panel needed after an accident, weather stripping that actually fits your car, or some other part of the car. And that is Superformance and it's dealers. Sure, we can have almost anything fabricated and come up with something "almost as good", but doing a one off process is typically more expensive and not as good. My point is that I ALWAYS try to buy direct from Superformance when possible... even if it costs a little more. Supporting the manufacturer keeps the company in good shape to help me later on when I really need it. To me it is a brand loyalty issue that ultimately serves me and ALL of my Superformance brothers and sisters. Paying a slight premium for that benefit is well worth it to me and in the end is a great investment which carries long term value.

I doubt that anyone would ever question the loyalty or intelligence of someone who goes against this advice. Once we lay down the check and the car becomes ours, it is our personal right to do whatever we want to it. There are even some that will totally disagree with what I am saying. That said, these are very limited production cars for which there is not and never will be a major aftermarket supplier. If we want to keep our supply chain healthy, then we have to support it. Otherwise, the day may come when we need something that does not exist anymore. 

Just a thought from a long time owner and someone who appreciates Superformance and the difficulty a small niche marketer must survive in. Some of these factory parts may not be a big deal and may or may not be a major cash contributor to Superformance... but every little bit helps. Always check out Superformance and see if they have your part available and for how much. If they do, perhaps the cost will be comparable or even cheaper than an "almost as good" substitute option. If it is more, then you just have to ask yourself if the price difference will make a difference in your lifestyle one way or the other. If it doesn't matter all that much, then spend the few extra dollars as a way to say thanks to Superformance for making such an awesome car and supporting the owners with original replacement parts. ~
Gary Osborne..."