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Superformance Transmission Identification Guide
This guide will assist you in determining your Superformance car's Transmission model and
type that was selected during the installation or subsequent changes and upgrades thereafter.

The best way to identify your transmission is by the tag that is attached to one of the bolts that attaches the tail housing to the main case (example to the right). Raise your car in a secure manner and note what is on the ID tag. This tag will be found attached to one of the bolts securing the tail shaft housing to the main case.  Then compare the numbers to the attached chart. You should be able to match one of the number under the column identified as "Tremec Part Number". (Note, then thought the tag example to the right says "T3550" at the top, the actual part number below it tells us it is really a TKO-600 as per the chart below.)

Visual Identification Reference

CR  =  Close Ratio

T-56 Magnum Tremec  (image is mirror /reversed)

T-6060 Tremec

T-56 Tremec (note difference in shifter base to the Magnum & 6060)

TKX Tremec

TKO 500 / TKO 600 Tremec  (image is mirror /reversed)

T-5 Tremec (note difference side vertical ribs to the 3550 and 500/600)

3550 / 3550 TKO Tremec

RBT ZF Transaxle

QUAIFE ZF Transaxle  (image is mirror /reversed) Note back cover

Keisler SS700

Ford Top Loader