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Celebrate Superformance's 20th year anniversary in the Spectacular Colorado Rockies

Cruise Times: We are scheduling the cruising day to begin at different times for those who like to get up early and take in a longer cruise distance, or those who like to sleep in and take shorter cruise trips. The early morning sun is typically shrouded by the towering mountains, where it does not warm up until a little later than normal, however afternoon sprinkles are common before arrive back. Cruises will return early enough to allow a relaxing preparation for dinner and each evening's activities.

About the Cruises: The cruises are set up in such a way to slowly familiarize yourself with the mountain roads and altitudes. The roads are very safe in composition, but you must be extra careful for other cars rounding corners as well as rocks and animals on the road. Always drive carefully and thoughtfully, erring on the side of caution. The best cruises are the most reserved and conservative in driving nature.

What's so special about the Cruises: The cruise routes are specifically put together to give you a smorgasbord of the best roads and most spectacular scenery Colorado has to offer, as well as a few tourist hot spots to enjoy and take in along the way not to mention some good food and drink at every occasion. The routes will leave you both breathless and impossible to imagine it could get any better for the next day, but believe me, it will... it will.

On The Cruises: There are several opportunities to stop along the way on each cruise for refreshments and use of the facilities as well as numerous opportunities for fuel stops. If you need to stop, please indicate as such to the cruise leader by the way of 2-way radio, cell phone or flashing of headlights well in advance of your intended stop. Most breakfasts will take place before the cruise, and dinners after the cruise, while all lunches will take place during the cruise days.

What to Pack and Prepare for the Cruises: Be prepared every morning with a full tank of fuel, fluids checked and the proper attire packed and extra snacks and drinks along for the day. Use a small soft collapsible cooler to keep some cold drinks and snacks in. Get another one of these to stow your camera in as a water resistant enclosure should a sudden rain storm arise. Having some wet weather gear and even a large umbrella nearby will keep you dry when you round a mountain corner and a flash shower hits you before you even have a chance to get out and erect the soft top. A compliment of tools and extra parts you may need is also a good idea, with tire repair kits, air pumps and other typically expected items-to-need topping the list. Also stock up on chewing gum which will help in equalizing pressure of your inner ear while constantly changing altitudes. Chewing aids in making your ear "pop" and thereby relieving the pressure and keeping you comfortable. Also keep in mind as your altitude increases, "suction cup" devices like phone holders and GPS's and Radar detectors will tend to loose their suction and fall off all together. Two words come to mind... "duct tape".

Communications On The Cruise: Communication is the key to keeping any cruise organized and together. In the remote areas of the Rockies, cell phone coverage can be sparse at best and not very reliable. Additionally, cell phones are impractical for constant car to car communications. You MUST have a GMRS Radio charged, working and with you or you will not be allowed on the cruise. There is no negotiation with this. If you do not have a GMRS radio, left it in the hotel, have dead batteries or any other situation, either borrow one, rent one or buy one or ride with someone else if you want to drive on the cruise! Know how to operate your radio proficiently and by all means disable any voice activated transmission (VOX) features in your radio.

Have your radio charged with extra fresh batteries before you leave each morning. We select the channel and do a radio check at the drivers meeting the morning of every departure since channel "1" on one brand of radio may be channel "7" on another brand. We do not use "privacy codes" since they still use the same channel and will inhibit communications with users on other privacy codes without even realizing it.

Listen to directions, and immediately call out  a situation should it occur along the route, such as someone falling behind you, broke down, took a wrong turn, need fuel or even if a rest stop is in need. Also keep the radio with you while out of the car on rest stops and scenic stops where the announcement for departure will get to everyone and no one will be left behind.

How does one drive on the Cruise: Responsible, cautionary and well within each own drivers limitations, which everyone needs to recognize and respect for themselves, and not try to out do one another. Keep the person in front of you and behind you in sight at all times. Getting lost in Colorado, especially with limited cell coverage, would not be an enjoyable situation. It is your responsibility to make sure the cruise leader knows in advance if you need to pull off, etc... not their responsibility to keep track of you. This in itself is half the battle already won.