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Celebrate Superformance's 20th year anniversary in the Spectacular Colorado Rockies

In addition to all the fabulous activities taking place during the week we are coordinating several meeting points on the main highways along the way to the SuperFest event. Below are just some of meeting places where you can stop and rest, see the sights and meet up with other owners making their pilgrimage to the SuperFest and convoy in together.
NOTE: When out on the road In most cases hotel reservations are not necessary


George Anderson of Motorsports Parks Hastings (MPH) Race Facility, is allowing registered participants parade laps around their track in your Superformance! And in addition to that, he is also offering up the track's specially prepared Enduro car for you to drive, where you take several laps around the track and your best times are recorded! This invitation is for EVERY Superformance traveler registered to the Superfest and stopping in on their way to Colorado... either for just the afternoon, or to rest overnight. After the track experience George will open the private club house for you to relax and sip a few before turning into the hotels lined up for you, before your next day's final leg of your journey west. Then, later at the Superfest event week itself, the best lap times will be announced and awarded!

I-80 Corridor Westbound to the event
* Old Hwy 30, Lincoln highway
1  DES MOINES, IA:       Corn. That's it... corn.
    OMAHA,NE:                SAC museum, Train museumv
    GRAND ISLAND,NE: Oldest section of US 30 in the US
2  HASTINGS,NE:            MPH Race Track (Track tour laps)
3  KEARNEY,NE:             Platte River Rd Archway Museum
    OGALLALA, CO:         Overnight stay
    STERLING, CO:            Overnight stay

I-70 Corridor Westbound to the event
* Route 66
    INDIANAPOLIS,IN:  Indianapolis Motor Speedway
4  ST.LOUIS, MO:         Gateway Arch
5  SALINIA, KS:          Overnight stay
    COLBY, KS:               Overnight stay
    HAYS, KS:                  Overnight stay

I-70 Corridor Eastbound to the event
A  RICHFIELD, UT:                    Overnight stay
B  SALT LAKE CITY, UT:         Overnight stay
C  GRAND JUNCTION,CO:       Gateway Auto Museum
     GLENWOOD SPRINGS,CO:  Hot Springs

Corridor Northbound to the event
    RATON, NM:                   Overnight stay
    ALBUQUERQUE, NM:   Overnight stay
    AMARILLO, TX:             Overnight stay
    PUEBLO, CO:                   Overnight stay
    DURANGO, CO:               Drive Hwy 550 north (no trailers!)

Corridor Southbound to the event
    RAPID CITY, SD:   Ellsworth Air Force Base,
                                      Wall Drug, Badlands, Rushmore
    DEADWOOD, SD:  Deadwood, Rushmore, Needles Highway

Arriving to the Superfest Grounds:  If you are arriving in from the west on I-70 you will have the most mountainous terrain to compete with which is spectacular if you are driving your car, and challenging and slow going if you are trailering, but the road should be clear and unobstructed. If you are arriving in from the East (Denver), just a mile from Idaho Springs this is the least challenging terrain to pull a trailer up through but there is a tunnel reconstruction project going on I-70 where there may be some delays due to blasting and construction in the area. If you were going to select a best time to pass through here, weekends or after dark would probably be your best bet. If you are coming from the east and towing a trailer and wish to avoid the somewhat steeper climb up from Denver into the mountains on I-70 there is another way. The scenic and curvy Clear Creek Canyon can handle even a semi trailer but the lesser incline and slower traffic will be easier on tow vehicles without taxing their engine, transmission and cooling system. US Hwy 6 runs parallel to I-70 on the map  where you can access US Hwy 6 at Exit 265 on I-70 on the west side of Denver going towards Golden. This exit takes you on Hwy 58 for 5.4 miles to US Hwy 6 which continues straight ahead, and travels another 14.3 miles up into the mountains and before re-entering onto I-70 just east of Idaho springs and the twin tunnels.

Departing for your Trip home:  If you are heading west, leaving the Superfest grounds on a Saturday morning early will give you an almost clear open road home. Those heading east will have to deal with the tunnel construction bypass however very early Saturday morning departures before 7:00 am should provide the least resistance. That gets you down into onto the flat lands before 8:00 am where Denver traffic should be light and comfortable allowing you to get out on the plains without much hassle, especially with a trailer. It is not advisable to enter Denver traffic on a Friday unless necessary, especially after 2:00 pm.