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Celebrate Superformance's 20th year anniversary in the Spectacular Colorado Rockies

Photos from the Area

Here are just a few photos from around the area you will be experiencing for yourself this summer...

Idaho Springs is filled with endless sights, things to do and see all within walking distance. This quaint little mountain town has all the feel of walking into an open history book to a page in the 1800's while offering all the modern amenities you would want.

Only 30 miles away from Idaho Springs lies the rigid and rugged Continental divide rising up to 14,000 feet separating North America into two geological halves. It can be 80-90 degrees here while watching it snow on the Great Divide a few miles away.

The famed Argo mill is dug into the mountainside right in Idaho Springs where tons of gold was processed over a hundreds years ago. You can tour the mill and walk deep into a hillside mine. This is located right in the middle of this little mountain town!

The famous Tommyknocker brewery heads up Idaho Spring's main street with it's world award winning beers and ales brewed not only right there in the building, but right there in the bar and dining area, surrounded by vats and copper as far as the eye can see.

Main street Idaho Springs offers out of the way shops, quaint cafes and unique points of interest with treasures to be found all along it's cobblestone back streets and rustic avenues. Prepare your senses to be filled with the sights and sounds that only a picturesque little town like Idaho Springs can offer.

A casual stroll down main street Georgetown with it's Victorian buildings and store fronts take you back to a time where Gold was king and silver was queen. The town is much like the way it was over a hundred years ago.

Photo opportunities are abundant and you will come across hundreds of picture perfect scenes to fill your viewfinder. So keep your camera at the ready where ever you go. You never know where the next picture to decorate your living room will present itself.

The typical Colorado road snaking through the mountains, canyons and gorges puts you & your passenger into another world filled with scenery and vistas you could never otherwise imagine. The sight and sounds of the Rockies will surely keep you entertained .

The entrance to the Eisenhower Memorial tunnel looks more like an underground parking lot than a 1.6 mile long 4 lane divided highway burrowing deep into the hard rock under the Continental Divide. The Divide is the backbone of America where all the water on the west side flows to the Pacific while all the eastern slope's water sheds to the Atlantic. Truly an engineering feat to be experienced.

Curvy canyons and twisty turns snake through the Rocky Mountains supplying your car with it's mechanical needs and filling your senses with breathtaking scenery and the smells of the cleanest air in the world.

You'll never know what lies around the next bend in the Colorado Rocky Mountain High Country. The mountains force the roads into a myriad of twists and turns while countless tunnels cut though miles of rock.

Rustic blasted tunnels pierce through solid rock from mountainside to mountainside, taking you and your Cobra from one amazing view to another. There is so much to absorb, you'll be left breathless most of the week.

The Roads are smooth, clean and challenging. Thousand foot drop offs easily regulate the right foot while empowering the left foot to it's fullest. Meanwhile you are catching your breath from the endless scenery.

In the sleepy town of Empire, stands the oldest hotel in Colorado. The Peck House has boarded presidents and millionaires of the 1800's. The Peck house also serves 3 star world class dinners that have to be experienced.

An old store front on main street of historic Georgetown provides this perfect backdrop for a combination of the old and the new. This was actually at a stop sign where I had to jump out, snap a shot and quick jump back in.