07/20/10 - Superformance Announces Production of the Mk-II FIA

July 20, 2010- Release: Superformance is proud to announce the availability of our newest model, the Superformance MKII FIA, designed to emulate the great Cobra 289 race cars from that nostalgic golden era of racing in the 1960's.

The Superformance MKII FIA is the first truly authentic race reproduction of the 289-powered FIA and USRRC racer. Unlike most competitors, the MKII FIA is built on the successful Tojero-styled round tube chassis and features an authentic transverse leaf spring suspension to give owners an exceptionally authentic driving experience.

Through our exclusive agreement with Carroll Shelby, the MKII FIA is the latest licensed Shelby product in the Superformance lineup.

Based on the FIA and USRRC endurance racers, the Superformance MKII-FIA has many unique features and the insistence on authenticity guarantees that owners of a Superformance MKII-FIA will experience the same driving excitement that drivers of the original race cars did in the 1960s. The MKII FIA has been built as close to the original as possible with only some small safety and practical changes. Original AC drawings of the chassis, springs, shocks and body dimensions were used to form the necessary jigs. A Heim Joint suspension was used just like some of the original competition cars. The FIA style trunk has the distinctive dimples. A Full windshield for street use is standard but an optional race wind deflector is available. We have incorporated air scoops for brake ducting and air vents have been added for driver comfort. A single race style roll bar has also been fitted as standard. The gauge lay out is true to the original FIA or USRRC layout. Our MKII FIA is built to accommodate the original 289 or newer 302W engine which when coupled with a Tremec transmission make it a formidable competitor.

About Superformance: Meticulous attention to detail is evident in all Superformance component rollers which are factory built and assembled using all new parts.   All of our products are aesthetically and dimensionally correct and are built under license from the original trademark holders, adding authenticity and value.  The Superformance MkII FIA is licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc.

Research and Development by Ross Henry.
  Distributed by Superformance LLC and the dealer network.
    Licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc.