Peter Brock (left) and Jim Price (right) in the designing stages of the Superformance-Brock Coupe… but not on Butcher paper like in the 60's although the original designer Peter Brock is still behind the pen.

After six hard, long, painstaking years of development and testing, the ultimate automotive masterpiece was finally realized.

Peter Brock (left) and Jim Price (right) under the hood tuning the Roush engine designed just for the Coupe. Jim Price makes sure he's 100% involved in every aspect of everyone of his masterpieces from start to finish.

Peter Brock seriously checking over and scrutinizing the Coupe's interior for fit and finish. When Peter's name is on the line, it's all business.

Peter Brock in the driver seat preparing for a test drive in the new Coupe.

A closer look at the dash reveals serious instrumentation along with appreciated driver comforst such as on-board Air conditioning and full leather upholstery and trim

Only until Jim Price put his seal of approval on this car, was it ready for product to the public. Jim puts the Coupe through it's final paces one last time just to make sure it was absolutely perfect. and it was. and is.