11/12/03 - The Superformance Coupe is "Ready to meet the public!" These photos taken in November 2003 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada is where the finished product was revealed.

Pete Brock once said regarding the vintage car he designed in the 60's…
"The Daytona Cobra Coupes were the last of the Specials,
a watershed point in race car design... Never again would
there be a successful design distilled only from the cumulative
experience of a team's race mechanics, who literally envisioned
cars on the shop floor and built them as they proceeded,
The Daytona coupes were the end of an era…" 
The new Superformance-Brock Coupe with Peter Brock himself at the
drawing board and with Jim Price at the helm was released in 2003,
"a new era of the Coupe has begun... the legend continues!"