11/4/03 - The Superformance Coupe breaks a new speed barrier as reported by Coupe designer, Peter Brock...

So far the top speed on the new Superformance Coupe has all been speculative...That is until a few days ago. A recent communication with Superformance's test driver, Jeff Blanford, indicates that the coupe went 206 MPH in street trim, just as predicted by Mike Stenhouse's calculations in a recent (prediction).

The speed was confirmed not on the Coupe's speedo' but by using GPS on a special section of unused highway set aside for such tests. Congrats to Jeff for being the first to exceed 200 MPH in the new Coupe.

Blanford's only comment regarding the speed was "that the car feels very stable, but road does tend to look a bit narrower once you get over 190!"


11/19/03 -
As reported by Autoweek new publication...

"Superformance's Brock Daytona Coupe breaks 200-mph barrier" By AUTOWEEK 

Superformance's Brock Daytona Coupe (AW, July 28) broke the 200-mph barrier recently during informal testing on an open road near Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where the cars are built. The speedometer only goes up to 160 mph, so factory test driver Geoff Blandford used a GPS device common among automotive engineers to calculate the unofficial speed at
206 mph, says Pete Brock, the car's designer.

Brock says plans call for setting a South African land speed record, followed by a run at Bonneville in 2004. It would not be unprecedented. Brock said a Daytona Coupe set numerous records at Bonneville in 1965 with none other than Craig Breedlove at the wheel. (What's Craig up to lately? Is he available?) There are 15 Brock Coupes in the States, at five Superformance dealers.

Brock said there should be 30 in-country by the end of the year.