11/23/03 - These photos were snapped at the Texas Motor Speedway for yet another unveiling of the Superformance-Brock Coupe -
Here are some on the track images from the Texas Motor Speedway of the new Superformance-Brock Coupe. (left) hosted by Reed Performance Motorsports at the Panoz Racing school. Here a Superformance Mark-III and a Superformance Coupe pose at the starting grid ready for some fun...

Doug Reed piloting his Coupe rests poised and prepared to straighten out the curves at TMS with ease.

This will be a common sight where ever the Coupe competes.

The business like interior is accentuated by fine leather upholstery as well as a performance air conditioning system designed to cool at all speeds. Superformance knows that driver comfort is paramount to driver performance.