10/21/13 -  Dean Rosen passed away today (Dynamic Motorsports)
- SCOF's Randall Thomas reflects on Dean's life...

Sadly we lost a true friend. The world lost a wonderful soul, and Superformance lost a champion that could never be replaced. Far too young, and way too soon. Dean's father passed away 1 year and 9 days ago, today.

Dean Rosen and his father Ron propelled Superformance into a new era in a huge part by Dean's amazing marketing wizardry and his incredible enthusiasm for these little cars. Especially toward his beloved little S-1 model who's limited but legendary production was created as a result of his beckoning.

Dean, along with his farther Ron ran
Dynamic Motorsports in Ross, Ohio as well as other branches around the country which specialized in the Superformance 427 Cobra, Coupe, GT40 & of course the S-1 Lotus replicas. Later Dean co-founded 1G Racing and Rossion Automotive.

If you ever came into contact with Dean, you will have never forgotten that one single moment in time. Depending on how old you are, it would not be long before you began wondering if you have just been reunited with a long lost brother, or son that you had never knew about.

During it's heyday the Ross, Ohio showroom was the North American epicenter for the Superformance brand, and Dynamic Motorsports was the gracious host to our very first SCOF event called the SSR back in 2002. Dean was a significantly huge part of making that happen as well as helping launch SCOF into the 40 plus amazing events around the country since then.

There is nothing that Dean would not have done for you. Dean was a Rock Star in the Superformance world and he was the one to go to, and the one who solved all your problems. And always, with a smile that only he could wear. If Dean would be reading this now, he would blush and with his famous smile, say he "
was just making dreams come true." And loved doing it.

From all our SCOF members, & Superformance owners around the globe... Rest in peace my friend, the big race is now complete. Dean was 46 years old.

Above-  Dean Rosen speaking at one of the first SCOF SSR events. Dean was one of the first and significant supporters of SCOF and it's members in it's beginning  as well as owners across the globe. Dean always followed along and was interested in "what those crazy SCOF guys were up to now" as he put it.

Below-  Dean sharing his trademark smile while sitting in his favorite car, the Superformance S-1 Roadster that Superformance founder Jimmy Price built for him.

...and this is the way most who met Dean, will remember him. Driving into eternity, with a big smile and the wind in his hair...