07/03/19 - Superformance Coupe is "Foosed" by Chip Foose for the TV series show, Overhaulin' - known as "the Foose Coupe"

November 5, 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada: This Daytona Coupe was unveiled at SEMA and will be featured in an upcoming series of Overhaulin' with Chip Foose.

The Coupe originally was owned by Doug Campbell when it was silver which he ordered through from Hillbank nearly 15 years ago. When he married his wife Marissa the car was used in the wedding pictures. A few years later and a lot of saving, Marissa bought Doug a Superformance "
Future Forty" GT40, which was his dream car and Doug gave Marissa his beloved Coupe.  Later on Doug approached Chip and asked if they could Overhaul the car for Marissa.

Chip changed the car significantly when you look closely, yet subtly at first glance. The roofline and window lines changed. New interior. Bumpers grill insert changed the nose. Added bumpers to the rear.  He then pained it blue and white and word is his son painted the flowers onto the roof and hood. A brand new Roush engine replaced the former power plant. The interior is beautiful very nicely done. Marissa apparently wanted pink brakes so they put pink touches in the engine and on the flowers. Chip was inspired to add the Hawaii flowers as he was looking through pictures of Marissa and saw her wearing a dress with those flowers. The number 88 is Doug's lucky number signifies infinity and they were married on 8/8. Chip and they crew put a lot of hours in and this could be one of the most extensive
Overhaulin' yet. In the program they will show all the changes which you will only pick up when comparing to a Coupe side by side. Look closely at the roof line and fender flares. This was a generation-1 Coupe so they did quite a lot of work to get bigger brakes and wheels onto the suspension.

In Marissa's own words; "...In February 2005, Doug Campbell first laid eyes on the March 2005 Road & Track Magazine article by Tom Cotter on the Superformance Brock Coupe, now better known as the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. It was love at first site for Doug. He had never heard of the coupe, never seen the coupe, or knew any of the history behind the coupe. He was mesmerized with its beauty and that article changed his life.

2 weeks later Doug met Lance Stander for the first time in Costa Mesa at his shop, Hillbank Motor Corporation and takes Doug out for his first "drive" in the Brock Coupe, and the deal was done! Doug ordered his dream Daytona shortly after. He was originally assigned chassis number 86, but he waited for number 88 because that number had been significant to him since high school which also at the time, was the number of his favorite NASCAR driver, Dale Jarrett.

Fast forward to 6 on November 10, 2013, Doug proposes to me on the Central Coast of Cayucos, California for my 40th birthday. And because we both love the car so much, we designed everything, I mean EVERYTHING for our special day around the car, and the number 88. On August 8, 2015 (8/8), We were pronounced man and wife at 8:08 pm in Paso Robles. 88 has been with us ever since, and the number 8 shows up for us everyday. We call them our signs from heaven reminding us daily to always live from heart.

Doug gave me the biggest gift the day he came into my life, and he's always showering me with his love and laughter and incredible memories and gifts. But I must admit, him handing me the keys to the Daytona 2 years ago for my birthday as "mine" was an AWESOME moment and ever since he's been working on it to make it more "Marissa" alongside the his second dream car, the Superformance Future Forty, GT40.

So guys, on July 3, 2019 I was pranked pretty freaking hard by Doug and the
Overhaulin® family! Doug submitted an application when he heard the show was coming back, and he was the 'insider' and wanted me to "really" finally make the Daytona all mine. Chip and the A-Team ROCKED the hell out of this design and build. As the universe would have it, we were able to share it with the world at SEMA on the 8th this week in Las Vegas, 2019 The new season kicks off Nov. 16 2019 with episode number one on the Motortrend App. and it was pretty freaking neat to see the clips from our episode up alongside the car this week at the 3M booth. 

I can't wait to share the
Overhaulin' 88 Daytona Coupe with you all even more, and remind the world that it's not the car, but the people behind the car that make it what it is. The community, the love, the story, the people, and the energy is what this car represents. I am so grateful to be behind the wheel of something so beautiful, brilliant, and so inspirational from the inside out. Thank you from bottom of my heart to everyone who made this week so special!"