11/04/19 - Superformance cars star in the movie Ford versus Ferrari that opens world wide on this date.

November 4, 2019-  The opening  premier of the movie "Ford versus Ferrari" starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon was filmed with a plethora of Superformance Cobra's and GT40's starring in the film. The movie replayed the events that surrounded car builder Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles leading up to Ford's historic win at the 1966 24 hours of LeMans victory.

Superformance was fortunate the producers decided to use almost two dozen of the Superformance GT40's and Cobras to fill their movie with beauty shots of these now famous cars. The cars were leased and sent back to Superformance after the film production concluded. These cars, along with the entire brand are no world wide celebrities.

The cast assembled at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles to attend the movie Premier where the Superformances were on the Red Carpet with them.

Some of the couple dozen Superformance cars that were in the movie.

Rich MacDonald standing next to one of the stars of the movie on the read carpet, the Superformance GT40