5/6/05 - Superformance announces it's long awaited GT-40
Replica to debuted in Pennsylvania...


Port Elizabeth, South
Africa. May 6th, 2005- 
SPF GT 001 - the first production Superformance GT - was crated and flown off to its first public showing this weekend.

Bleary eyed engineers, who have been working round the clock to complete the first car in time to be shown at the Imports and Kit Car Show at Carlisle PA starting May 18 th, are proud of the results of the painstaking detail and effort that has

gone into creating this authentic replica of the GT 40 Mk II that finished first, second and third in the grueling 24 Hours at Le Mans in 1966.
The first of a half dozen units in various stages of completion on the new GT assembly line at HiTech Automotive's South African plant, the gleaming, titanium and black SPF GT 001 will be followed by two more component vehicles to come off line in May, after which production will progressively be stepped up to a total of six units a month.

Four years in development, the SPF GT replicates one of the most famous American race cars of the 20 th Century. With careful attention to finite detail, the SPF GT does not pretend to be anything else but an exact replica of the road going version of the original. It is the only assembly line produced replica of the original GT 40 that incorporates an original style monocoque chassis, including a pressed steel roof.

In developing the SPF GT, the Hi-Tech engineers went to such lengths to ensure absolute authenticity, that more than 90% of the vehicle's parts are interchangeable with the original car - including the chassis.

Soon to follow is the Mk I version of the SPF GT. Demand is already exceeding the expected supply of both versions, and the order rate will dictate whether production will be stepped up next year.

Full technical specifications and detailed graphics of the detailed features of the SPF GT - virtually all developed and crafted in the Hi-Tech plant - will soon be posted on