12/20/05 - the new Superformance GT-40's mission is revealed by the top man of the Hi-Tech Manufacturing & Design facility...


Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Dec 20, 2005- -  Mr. James Price, head of Hi-Tech Automotive, the maker of the Superformance GT reveals for the first time the intended mission and purpose for their reproduction of the legendary GT-40.

"...Addressing some of the concerns regarding the shape of the Spf GT, I feel we need to provide more information regarding just what we are offering with our car and how that relates to the new Ford GT replica's and originals.

Firstly Ford's new GT is just that, a completely new vehicle competing in the super car league. They only used styling queues from the original and spent many millions of dollars and over 4 years creating it. If one reads the various SAE papers presented, you get an idea of just how much Ford put into it. It is a truly amazing car.

As far as the current GT40 replica's in the market most use an easy to produce space frame or a much simplified monocoque - All also use their own suspension designs, components, brakes and even a fiberglass roof spider. Close study reveals many departures from original.

For our version, we chose to do a very, very close to original, replica. We knew this would put us in a unique position because it would require an investment in time, money and skills other manufacturers just did not have.

Our car would be aimed at those enthusiasts who really would want to own an exact replica of this true icon of road racing history and not something that just bears a passing resemblance to one. (Ford had already just done that better than anyone).

We spent much time and money collecting parts, drawings, details and anything else that would get us to where we now are, which is :-

1. Our chassis is a true copy of the original monocoque with over 260 sheet  metal parts. It has a pressed steel roof and A and B posts, and, as the original, it runs over 12,000 lb's per degree of torsional stiffness.

2. We offer both MK1 and MK11 body styles. The Carlisle car, Essen Motor Show car and Olthoff's own car, now being tested, are MK11 A body styles. The MK11 was the totally American designed vehicle with the 427 FE motor.  Mk1's were U.K. built and ran small blocks.

3. Just about all of the componentry is very true to original including all the suspension parts. Brakes are the latest Willwood offering.

4. Further details are the replica "Hartswell helicopter latches" on the front and rear clams, door catches and even (MK11) the aircraft style engine oil cooler as well as the correct stop lights on both cars.

5. Wheels are BRM 15" style for MK1 and Halibrand GT40 style for the MK11 again, as per original

The closest to accuracy, compared to our car is Lee Holman of Holman - Moody's $500,000-00 MK11. Ours is currently $68,000-00 plus engine and transmission.

I suggest that anyone with a sincere interest in the GT40 should get some of the books below. They give one an understanding or what was actually achieved by this incredible car, as well as a lot of the design details.

"Ford GT" by Trevor Legate (ISBN 1-903-706-11-4)
"GT 40" by Ronnie Spain (ISBN 1-8553-258-4)
"Shelby GT 40" by Dave Friedman (ISBN 0-7603-0013-5)
"GT 40" by John Allen (ISBN 1-85537-524-1)
"GT40 Profile" by John Allen (ISBN 0-85429-332-9)
"Ford GT" by Dave Hodges (ISBN 1-899870-25-3)
"Ford GT 40" by Winer & Wyss (ISBN 1-882256-64-6)

As a matter of further interest, Dennis's car, out of the box, and fitted with a 402 Roush + RBT trans, running on Avid St's, gave our factory Noble M400 a run for it's money at our tight local track last week.

Dennis Olthoff, who as you know does not offer praise lightly, was extremely happy and excited. In his own works "Awesome - the best car yet from Hi-Tech"

Once again, we did not want to design and build a better or different GT40 just a genuine replica..."