12/08/05 - the new Superformance GT-40 is put through the paces at the Factory's high speed testing facility in South Africa...


Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Dec 8, 2005- - Lance Stander, President of Superformance says, "Here are some pictures of Dennis Olthoff at the factory testing his demo car, that will be shipped to the USA with the first 6 Dealer cars all going according to plan by the end of next week. The car, in Dennis's own words, is amazing. He said the Factory really got this car right first time. He ran the car against the Noble, as you can see in the pictures, not expecting it to shape against the Noble on the track but just to judge the cars ability. Was he ever surprised when he discovered that first time out with out extensive track set up which the Noble has had, the GT was faster all round. The GT has a Roush 402R motor in it and they say words can not describe the awesome sound that comes out of the Bundle of Snakes exhaust system. Dennis is 6 ft- 2 inches and he fits in with room to spare above his head.