2/06/04 - Superformance's Jim Price is interviewed by Dream Car Garage host Tom Hnatiw...  Jim Price is one of the most amazing car guys I've ever met. Living in his native South Africa and surrounded by the stunning beauty of Port Elizabeth and his closely-knit family, Jim created High Tech Automotive.

Beginning with a humble modified drive shed, the help of a few good men and the determination to build great automobiles, Jim conceived his "replicar" concept.

His Mk lll has evolved to be easily the best car of its' kind anywhere on the planet. We are now officially familiar with the car having logged countless miles - some at extremely high speeds - on two continents. Standing next to Jim in the middle of a totally modern automotive manufacturing complex, you cannot help but sense the pride Jim has for what he has accomplished - so far. In

fact, he's far from done, his construction contractor has more or less moved onto the High Tech property with an ever-lengthening list of projects to be finished.

The Mk lll is not the only current project Jim is working on. Jim's new Daytona replicar is now in full production as well. The 200 MPH plus coupe is not only stupidly fast, but civilized and even refined. Jim relishes tuning the car, the manufacturing process, and his team of engineers on a daily basis. Also in full production is the Noble M12 GTO a mid engine coupe which will absolutely shock Ferrari and Porsche owners alike with its performance and no nonsense good looks. All three of these cars are currently available on the web, the Noble at and both the The Mk lll and Daytona at Coming soon is an all carbon fiber supercar which Jim would tell us precious little about and an all metal hot rod which should be making a splash on these shores later this year.

Jim squints his eyes a little as he surveys the grounds adjacent to his office building and tells us about his plans for a test track there. Later with his grandchild in his arms he tells us how lucky he is to be doing exactly what he wants to be doing on a daily basis. He's been doing just that ever since he moved into that drive shed years ago. But other things have changed. There are over six hundred people working at High Tech Automotive today. Their admiration for Jim is palpable as one walks with him through the factory. The people of Port Elizabeth recognize Jim as a local success story and a pillar in the community. Yet, this soft-spoken, warm man seeks no celebrity, no fanfare. He just wants to go to the shop and work on his cars.

Jim can be seen on our sister show Sports Car Revolution this coming February 17th. Jim rarely conducts interviews so this will be a rare opportunity for many Superformance owners who have been itching for an opportunity to meet him

-Tom Hnatiw