2/21/04 - Superformance's Owners write into Dream Car Garage praising the Superformance coverage on their program...  -Tom Hnatiw, host of of Dream Car Garage responds...   I can't tell you how good it feels to open the morning e-mail and read something other than, "When will there be some new shows?"

As I sit and write the new season has begun (as of 8:30 PST Wednesday night). The flood of e-mails which I received through the website was nearly overwhelming. It's fantastic that a low production car such as the Cobra has touched so many people over the last forty years. I was twenty when I saw my first Cobra on the street and then I didn't see another for eight or nine years. Many of you told me about the first time your saw/drove/raced or crashed one.

I can remember LeMans winner Bill Cooper telling me

driving a 289 Cobra on
the street in California during the late sixties. "I'd often just leave the
slicks on and drive home along the back roads going as fast as I did at Riverside!"

I've received many, many e-mails from SuperFormance owners who are excited about
the feature on the Mk lll. Here's a rally cry to all of the SuperFormance family.

I want a picture of your car! In fact I would like up to three pictures of your
car including at least one with an appropriate caption. Perhaps we'll make a
gallery of them to share with the rest of the subscribers to the Dream Car
Garage Owner's Manual. Perhaps we'll use them on the show. Perhaps I'll just
take all of the great ones and make a photo album called "Do You NEED 500 cars
like this?"

...What a great community. Already the Dream Car Garage Owner's Manual group is the
size of a good sized prairie town and well on it's way to becoming a small city.

I want to thank every one as a group who has written to us with encouragement
and enthusiasm over the last fifteen hours. There is so many, I don't know if
I'll ever get caught up enough to thank you all individually.

But we'll sure give it a try.

-Tom Hnatiw