04/06/11 - TEAM-SCOF's new concrete race track aprons are
                   poured into stone on this day

April 6, 2011 - Motorsports Park Hastings Raceway, Hastings, Nebraska; playful guys and gals in the extended SCOF brother and sisterhood love to play on the rivalry between the virtues of the Big Block and small block engines in their Superformance's. This fun and long standing rivalry which goes back decades is now celebrated at the awesome road course race track at Motorsports Park Hastings in Hastings, Nebraska. Embedded in eternal concrete are two corners that SCOF members have purchased, each having the names of SCOF and the on going Big Block and small block symbolism. The small block corner was born on 4/6/2011 and the Big Block corner on 4/15/2011. Black paint will adorn the cavities and will easily be seen while on the Road Course when rounding Turn's 1 and 9. All in fun and the fun loving SCOF rivalry is immortalized and literally etched in stone!

The Superformance Owners Association now owns the rights to two corners of the Motorsport Park Hastings track in Nebraska! The supporting members who are listed below who bestowed our membership with this prestigious honor! Gold Corner Owners: Randall Thomas, Kent Morgan, Mel Kwong, Rick Reynolds, James Woodard, Gary Osborne, Bill Kindley, Don Barnes, Scott Holley, Gary Ostberg, Gary Clark, Bob Lennon