06/14/10 - Superformance Owners Association announce all new Cobra / Coupe Membership Experience, Website & Forum

Owners Association announces all new Cobra / Coupe Membership experience

June 14, 2010- Release: the Private Superformance Owners Association Offers New Improved Format for the Cobra/Coupe owners!!

In celebration of the Superformance Owners Association's 10 year anniversary, a whole new ownership experience awaits the Superformance Mk-III and Coupe Owners!

The Superformance Owners Association launches it's first ever major change in it's organization since it's inception in September of 2000. In it's 10th anniversary year, the Cobra and Coupe segment of the owners association has been packed with a plethora of new outstanding features and member tools to further enhance their Superformance owners experience even more than they ever dreamt of. The new membership access only requires a small annual membership fee which is paid back 10 times that amount in product savings, technical information, first call news releases and numerous other useful and exciting membership features and tools that are used daily and available to each and every member, 24/7.

Effective July 1, 2010 the Superformance Owner's Association and Owners Forums, announces a whole new format designed to customize the Superformance Cobra & Coupe Owner's membership options to meet the various needs of owners of the Superformance Brand. After 10 years of participation by thousands of Superformance owners, SCOF has become the place to go to learn anything worth knowing about your SPF as well as a place to enhance your Superformance enjoyment and increase the value of your ownership experience. If you have not experienced SCOF, you're missing out on a meaningful part of your Superformance ownership.

Just some of the many new features include;

1) THREE levels of membership to allow owners to choose those features and level of involvement most beneficial to them as well as a separate level just for official Superformance dealers and installers.

2) New improved Tech Library with hundreds of Superformance specific articles and detailed directions for routine maintenance, major fixes and upgrades. If you can't get your question answered on SCOF, there probably is no answer.

3) Sortable owners list to track cars, people, places, or most data one might find interesting about the cars and the owners.

4) Numerous annual events located across the USA and even the world for owners to enjoy and meet other SPF owners.

5) Special discounts on various parts, garage equipment, tools and automotive accessories.

6) And then there is the actual Forum Discussion Group which is to automotive forums what Disney is to playgrounds.

7) Most of all SCOF is just plain fun and creates the opportunity to build lifelong close friendships with like minded automotive hobbyists.

The benefits of belonging to SCOF have always been too many to list and now the list is even longer. To find out more, click on the link and follow the pages...

Tools available to Superformance Owners who are SCOF members and Features and benefits to each different level of membership can be found here...