07/27/19 - Superformance drivers make historic 4,081 mile journey across 15 States & provinces, just them and their cars.

On July 17th, 18 hearty SCOF members in 11 formidable Superformance Cars set out on an epic journey across the eastern United States and Canada covering nearly 4,081 miles in just 11 days with just them and their cars and wide open road in front of them. No trailers or chase vehicles were used! The trip involved 4 international border crossings, passing through 15 States and Provinces, passing through 3 time zones twice, 345 fuel fill ups and accumulating enough miles together to travel 1.8 times around the equator of the Earth. Embarking on an adventure such as this one in an open top two seater alone is quite a feat all by itself, but to do it with 11 cars and no other support  and no reserved destination in the books, is historic. The roving vagabonds dubbed themselves "the Highwaymen", even though the twistiest backroads imaginable is what they sought. And, they will ride again.