01/27/16 - Superformance Owners Association launches new Superformance Dealers and Installers Section

Owners Association launches all new Dealers and Installers Section

January 27, 2016-  News Release: the Superformance Owners Association Launches it's much anticipated new section dedicated specifically to the Superformance Dealers and Installers!!

This special area is accessible only by SCOF member Dealers, select installers, Superformance USA and Hi-Tech Manufacturing Engineers.

This private area allows free discussion and sharing of information about anything including installation questions, new product change revelations or even getting on the same page regarding marketing strategies for dealers to maximize coverage as well as getting maximum benefit from Superformance USA. All set in a private, comfortable and secure setting.

One of the most obvious advantages is in preserving the continuity of installation practices from one source to another, which means that even though different cars may have installations performed through different dealers, the main concept and result of each installation may be similar enough between them that all of these owners will benefit from that standardization down the road when it comes to general maintenance and repair. This is especially true with new dealers and installers coming into the Superformance family who are essentially starting from square one with no real guidance or history available to them other than asking around. Here we can help maintain the continuity of general installation practices.

This new area allows free discussion between dealers, installers, the manufacturer and US distributor regarding but not limited to...

- Special announcements from Superformance USA
- Special announcements from Hi-Tech manufacturing
- Technical details and Information
- Installation details and Information
- Manufacturing product changes & Updates
- Part numbering reference and alternative replacements
- Marketing and Promotion
- General discussion
    ... and much, much more!