08/18/10 - Superformance Debut's Perana Z-One
                 for the first time in the United States

August 18, 2010- Release: Superformance Distribution debuts the Perana Z-One during busy Monterey Car Week

Superformance Distribution, along with legendary design house, Zagato, unveiled their new Perana Z-One to the collector car crowds assembled in Monterey for car week during the prestigious Concorso Italiano event on Friday, August 13. Concorso Italiano has been one of Monterey's largest gatherings of primarily Italian vehicles for years. Laguna Seca Golf Ranch played the hospitable host, giving throngs of Italian-car lovers the opportunity to get up close and personal with hundreds of le belle machine and all things Italian.  Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, DeTomaso and Ferrari were well represented with long lines of each marque parked down the fairways of Laguna Seca.  This year those classic brands were joined by another as Superformance debuted the new Zagato-penned Perana Z-One. The European GT styling combined with Corvette power reminds one of the classic Italo-Amercan hybrids from DeTomaso, Iso, Bizzarrini and the like.

Paolo Di Taranto flew in from Milano to represent Zagato and graced the stage to speak about Zagato and the Perana Z-One. Most were astounded by the build quality of this hand-built automobile and could not believe that a Zagato designed car could be so affordable.  Other U.S. debuts at the event included the retro Fiat 500 and the Ferrari F430-based Fioravanti SP1, a Special Project authorized by Ferrari for owner Junichiro Hiramatsu of Japan. The people that saw the car at Concorso were extremely enthusiastic. One of them was legendary racer and driving instructor Bob Bondurant, who said he was very impressed with both the Perana Z-One and the Superformance Distribution arrangement.

During the Concorso event, Superformance's Lance Stander and Paolo Di Taranto of Zagato were called to the stage to discuss the Perana with emcee Keith Martin of Sports Car Market. Paolo explained some of the signature Zagato styling touches found on the Perana such as the double bubble roof, fender slats behind the front wheels and the clean, simple and unadorned lines of the cars - characteristics that are evident on the Perana Z-One as well as all previous Zagato vehicles. Paolo also said that while some will think of this as a cheap Zagato, he sees it as a hand-built car for the gentleman racer. He also explained that the Perana will be limited to just 99 units per year, as the number nine is significant to Zagato's history. The company was founded in 1919, the design world considers nine of anything to be originals while a tenth is a copy, and so on. The price has been announced as $99,999 as well. After the show, the Perana Z-One was driven over to the Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca to join the rest of the Superformance lineup assembled in the infield.

The Shelby Distribution and Superformance display was located in the vendor area and included the new MKII-FIA, several GT40s, a Superformance MKIII roadster, numerous MKIII S/C models, a Shelby 427 S/C and a Shelby Daytona Coupe.  Shelby America's President, John Luft, was also there along with the company's 2011 Shelby Super Snake Prototype and the 2011 Shelby GT350 Mustangs.

The main event of car week up in Monterey is always Sunday's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. A tradition going back over half a century, the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is where the world's collector cars meet and compete. Only the 175 best collector cars in the world roll onto the legendary 18th fairway at Pebble Beach, and only a handful of those will receive official recognition for style, technical merit and historical accuracy. At the entrance a beautiful Ferrari designed by Zagato greeted the crowds. The expansive lawn and stunning sea views set the stage for rows of collector cars which took a number of hours to view. There were also a number of bicycles and motor bikes and even a motor home or two which took visitors back in time.