- A recorded history of Superformance's Production History 

Irvine, California-   Car production corresponds to the chassis numbers in the order they were produced. On occasion, chassis numbers did not necessarily leave the factory in successive order and frequently varied within 30-60 chassis numbers since that was the approximate amount of cars in production at the factory at any one time. In these cases the very first car to go out for that calendar year is indicated FIRST,then the number following that is one of the first of the main group of cars leaving with no previous year's models after that. For instance you may have car #200 leaving in Jan and cars #201-240 may have left the preceding December before it, therefore it would be represented as "200-241". Chassis numbers in this range could have left the factory in the latter months of the previous year stated. Below is a general production history following the Superformance cars as they left the factory in Port Elizabeth, South Africa as close as we were able to obtain.    ( * = First production car,  ** = Last production car)