3/23/04 - Superformance International Headquarters
               ...Newport News, Virginia

Newport News, VA., Mar. 23 2004 / Ronnie Kruger - President/CEO Superformance Intl.
SUPERFORMANCE ANNOUNCES THE DISCONTINUATION OF THE S-1 ROADSTER -  With Superformance's transition from a build-by-hand mini volume producer to a larger volume assembly line production facility these last two years, the relatively small demand for the S1 in its present form does not justify its continued production.

We have, therefore, decided to mothball the current production line. Furthermore, as soon as the design and development department/pattern shop/mold fabrication area can handle it, we will do a major redesign of the car to make it more appealing to a larger segment of the market, and relaunch it - probably in early 2005.

Meanwhile the current owners of S1's need not be concerned about the availability of spare componentry. Most of the production parts not manufactured in-house have been sourced in the US and are available on the market, and those manufactured by the plant are either in stock there, or can be fabricated on demand.

56 units of this model were produced before production was discontinued.