07/01/10 - Superformance Owners Association launches new Cobra / Coupe Membership merger, Website & Forum

Owners Association launches all new Cobra / Coupe Membership experience

July 1, 2010- Release: the Private Superformance Owners Association Launches it's much anticipated owners Organization for the Cobra/Coupe owners!!

In celebration of the Superformance Owners Association's 10 year anniversary, the Cobra owners and Coupe owners have been merged together as one large organization for double the fun, double the advice and double the owner support. This is a whole new ownership experience for both the the Superformance Mk-III and Coupe Owners!

This huge step forward takes place in it's 10th anniversary year since it's inception in September of 2000. The entirely new format will customize the Superformance Cobra & Coupe Owner's membership, features and options to meet the various needs of owners of the Superformance Brand.

Even after 10 years of existence, the Superformance Owners Association has become the place to go to learn anything worth knowing about your SPF as well as a place to enhance your Superformance enjoyment and increase the value of your ownership experience. If you have not experienced it yet, you're missing out on a meaningful part of your Superformance ownership.

The Superformance Owners Association is privately funded and not a part of Superformance LLC or Hitech Manufacturing in anyway. While we do work closely with both of those entities for the benefit of all, this organization is completely separate, private and exists solely for the owners needs and enjoyment, themselves.