12/01/11 - Superformance Owners Association announce all new Member Forum communication network

December 1, 2019- Release: the Private Superformance Owners Association Offers a new Improved communication Format for the owners!!

In celebration of the Superformance Owners Association's 19 year anniversary, a whole new ownership experience awaits the Superformance Mk-II, Mk-III, Coupe, GT40 and Grand Sport owners!

The Superformance Owners Association launches it's second ever major change in it's organization since it's inception in September of 2000. In it's 19th anniversary year, the main communications forum has been moved to a new improved host that's been upgraded to a premium service and packed with a plethora of new outstanding features and member tools to further enhance their Superformance owners experience even more than they ever dreamt of.

Just some of the many new features include;

1)  Both direct email delivery and website based viewing and post of messages with the ability to group topics and follow hash tag trends.

2)  New Polling feature

3)  Enhanced database feature with integrated Satellite map location views

4)  Multiple sub groups and private discussion areas

5)  Live chat and technical advice feature

6)  New files and links directory

7)  Huge user photo gallery and private albums

8)  Much, much more.

The benefits of belonging to SCOF have always been too many to list and now the list is even longer. To find out more, click on the link and follow the pages...

Tools available to Superformance Owners who are SCOF members and Features and benefits to each different level of membership can be found here...