1994 - Superformance's 11th Mk-III leaves the Port Elizabeth,
           South Africa Factory...

The first 31 car numbers (1 through 31) were set aside for prototypes where the factory was trying different components and procedures before settling on the basic consistent production specifications most cars following car number 32 adhered to. Many of the prototypes used JAG IRS or For 9" straight axle rear ends. Round taillights were used on the prototypes like these. The first two prototypes 001 and 002 were trial builds and were supposedly discarded in the woods outside the factory and have never been seen since. Cars 003 through 025 were built. Some were exported and some remained in South Africa. Cars 026 through 031 were never produced. In all there were 23 prototypes produced and sold to customers. The prototypes were produced from 1992 to 1994. The first production car 032 was produced in 1994. This  car is one of these rare prototypes.   Thanks to Mike Stenhouse & Second Strike for additional information.

The 11th Superformance left the factory on in 1994 and was still in it's early development stages. Much has changed since then and many improvements, upgrades and changes have been implemented since the trial prototypes were created.