03/05/13 - Top Gear USA features the Superformance GT-40
  Against a Ferrari in modern times... and wins again

March 05, 2013-  Right after the SEMA show in November of 2012 the folks at Superformance USA and Hillbank Motorsports dropped off the CEO of Superformance, Lances Standers own personal GT40 at Miller Motorsports park in Salt Lake City, Utah. No one knew what they were going to do with it, or frankly, why, until the show aired on Tuesday March 5th, 2013. Ironically, this was supposed to be my GT-40 which looks identical to Lance's, however, I handed off the keys to Lance's GT40 to be the sacrificial lamb. As the show aired, I called Lance to see if he had seen it, and he was on his way home from work, he had not, and asked how it went...

Basically the stage was set to be co-host "Adam Ferrara's Show" as it was called. First he drove one of the three original LeMans winning cars, #P/1015 piloted by Ken Miles... for about 6 feet. Valued at 8 million dollars, he said that's all he was allowed to drive it before it went back into the trailer.

Then he climbed into Lance Stander's black #P/2191 Superformance Mark-II GT40 painted with the 1966 winning LeMans winning scheme of McLaren and Amon's striking #2,  fitted with a Roush 427R Windsor based Ford V8.

The distinct sound of the "Bundle of Snake's" 180 degree exhaust echoed the salty hills around them. Under professional driver Tanner Faust's command, this handful or power in this lightweight car gained his respect by the single comment made of being "terrified"... ah yes, back when YOU had to drive the car, rather than just being a steering wheel holder under glass. Tanner Faust drove both to the limit of his ability which is indeed impressive by all accounts, and the $200,000.00 plus V-12 Ferrari 550 Maranello clocked in at 1:54, while the Superformance GT40 humiliated the modern Ferrari with a blistering 1:49.66 or almost 5 full seconds faster than all that ultra-modern high dollar Italian technology.

The show's signature slapstick humor and goading was performed with Adam vehemently defending the Superformance Brand while Rutledge Wood takes on the role as the anti old school villain, and both were performed brilliantly (
that's British for "good"). At one point Rutledge jokingly refers to Adam behind the wheel of the Superformance GT40 as being "like handing a rocket launcher to an insane person". Adam perhaps comes up with the best quote of the show, and one that may very well be adopted by cobra owners everywhere regarding the Ferrari logo... "That little prancing horse? When it reared up? The Cobra bit it in the BALLS. Four times"

ABOUT THE CAR:  Now you'd think this was some specially prepared race car intended just to look good for TV. You'd be wrong! This is Lance's street car, the one he drives to work through LA traffic. Nothing special about it other than newer tires after the old dry rotted ones were leaking air. no one really knew what they were going to do, let alone race it against a Ferrari! Imagine how impressive a fully prepared version would be. Here are some photos of the car featured on the Top Gear episode...

Adam Ferrara's memorable quotes:  "The car of my dreams"...  "an obsession since I was a kid"...  "The GT40 is a story of vengeance that epitomizes America's can-do spirit."...  "Don't get mad, get even, and that revenge was a beautiful thing... a 1966 GT40"...  "A sexy low slung speed machine"...  "look at it, it's all power and might and it was built for one purpose, victory"...  "Carroll Shelby dropped in a massive 427 into the GT40, and let slip the dogs of war"...  "It's a bit of a handful"...  "This car is loud"...  "This is a friggin race car"...  "Ohhh, now THAT'S a car"...  "Fulfilling a childhood dream"..."That little prancing horse? When it reared up? The Cobra bit it in the BALLS. Four times"...  "You run you sexy beast, you run"

Rutledge Wood's memorable quotes:  "Ohhh that thing is fast, look at it go!"...  "Oh he's leaving me"...  "I just got smoked"

Tanner Faust's memorable quotes:  "Once it gets angry, it will bite"...  "Oh it's got some power!"...  "The noise is awesome"...  "No power assist anything"...  "Whew, that was a work out"...  Tanner says, "can I drive that car again?"...  Adam replies, "Yeah, that thing's terrifying" &

Photo from Adam Ferrara

Photo from Lance Stander