04/04/12 -  Superformance celebrates the anniversary of their
                 Mk-III Cobra!!!!

April 4, 2012 - Irvine, California;    In 1992 Jimmy Price set out to build a few prototypes of a car that
thought might be popular enough to sell a "few". Well over 3,000 Cobras and thousands of other models later, and, the rest is History. So while "Superformance" as a company is 17 years old, their first Cobras just turned 20 this year!

The earliest car we have found was COB-010, or one of just 31 of the early prototypes. Here are three of the early prototypes... much visually different than later cars, I'm sure you'll agree...

The 10th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory
The 11th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory
The 24th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory

and Read how the very first Superformance Mk-III Cobra was BORN !!!!!

NEVER BEFORE TOLD:  The Inside Story of the Superformance Mk-III Cobra!