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      11/09/23-  NEWS ARTICLE: SCOF member gives dying vet his last wish of riding in a Cobra

      01/19/21-  PRES RELEASE: Low Volume Turn Key Replica sales regulation passes

      12/01/19-  Superformance Owners Assn announces all new Member Forum communication network
      11/11/19-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance unveils it's new radical Mk3-R Super Cobra 
      11/05/19-  PRESS RELEASE: Chip Foose Overhauls a Superformance Daytona Coupe revealed at SEMA 
      11/04/19-  "Ford versus Ferrari" movie debut featuring Superformance Cobras, GT40s and Coupes
      07/27/19-  10 SCOF member cars complete 4,081 mile 'SuperCruz' from Wisconsin to Nova Scotia and back

      04/08/17-  Superformance Mk-III breaks long standing 200 mph top speed record for a Cobra
      01/30/17-  Superformance Announces it's new Superformance Craft Beer

      01/27/16-  Superformance Owners Assn launches new Superformance Dealers & Installers Section
      01/21/16-  Superformance announces 50th Anniversary Special Limited Edition GT40

      03/07/15-  Superformance Owners Association Featured in Automotive Dreamz Magazine (photos)

      12/05/14-  Superformance Mk-III featured on "How It's Made - Dream Cars" episode

      12/31/13-  Superformance named as the official  USA Distributor for Caterham cars
      10/21/13-  Dean Rosen- of Dynamic Motorsports fame and Rossion co-founder passes away
      07/22/13-  SCOF's SUPERFEST! - Superformance 20th Anniversary Owners Reunion 
  NEWS RELEASE: Superformance GT40 beats the Ferrari on USA's "TOP GEAR" show 
  NEWS RELEASE: 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Mark-III Cobra revealed (photos)

      10/12/12-  Ron Rosen- Dynamic Motorsports founder passes away
      04/04/12-  NEWS RELEASE: 20th Anniversary of the Superformance Mk-III Cobra announced!
      03/09/12-  NEWS RELEASE: Perana Z-one renamed the AC 378 GT Zagato
      02/19/12-  Superformance Grand Sport pulls big Dyno numbers with it's emission compliant engine!
      02/10/12-  First two Hi-Tech built Shelby CSX8000 anniversary edition 289 roadsters Ship to Vegas!
      01/17/12-  First Hi-Tech built Shelby CSX8000 anniversary edition 289 roadster Arrives!

      08/26/11-  Superformance Shelby CSX9001 Coupe Arrives!
      04/06/11-  SCOF's concrete race track curbs at MPH Raceway are born on this day

      11/02/10-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance SEMA debut appearance of the Grand Sport
      09/25/10-  Superformance's TEAM SCOF once again victorious at the Run & Gun Competition
  PRESS RELEASE: Perana Z-one makes it's first debut appearance in the United States
      07/20/10-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance Announces Production of the Mk-II FIA Cobra
      07/14/10-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance Announces US Distribution of the Perana Z-One
      07/01/10-  Superformance Owners Assn launches new Cobra / Coupe Memberships & merge groups
      06/14/10-  Superformance Owners Assn announces all new Cobra / Coupe Member site experience
      03/01/10-  Superformance Owners Assn members 1st time-ever visit Hi-Tech Factory, South Africa!!!
      01/16/10-  PRESS RELEASE: Congressional- SEMA meeting at Superformance Headquarters

      10/26/09-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance Shelby CSX-9000 Daytona Coupe hits the road
      08/05/09-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance Coupe replaced by CSX-9000 Shelby Daytona
      02/24/09-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance manufacturer builds Perana Z-One
      01/28/09-  Superformance Announces productions of the Corvette Grand Sport
      01/23/08-  PRESS RELEASE: Shelby vs. Factory Five Lawsuit- Factory Five's Response
      01/02/09-  Superformance Announces new Owner Rewards Program

      12/01/08-  PRESS RELEASE: Shelby vs. Factory Five Lawsuit- Shelby's Complaint
      06/21/08-  SCOF raises over $15,000 to the LCS Cystic Fibrosis charity

      06/23/07-  SCOF raises $14,009 to the LCS Cystic Fibrosis charity
      01/20/07-  Superformance GT-40 Jack Roush Special LeMans Tribute car auctioned for $181,500

      07/21/06-  The 2500th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory
      04/01/06-  Superformance Commemorative Sebring Coupe auctioned for $270,000
      03/17/06-  Superformance responds to Factory Five Racing allegations over past lawsuit

      12/20/05-  Superformance GT-40 mission is revealed by manufacturer
      12/19/05-  Superformance Coupe Owners Forum created
      12/08/05-  Superformance GT-40 tested at the factory (photos)
  PRESS RELEASE: New Superformance Headquarters opens (photos)
  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance sold to long time dealer
  Ronnie Kruger retires the position as CEO of Superformance International
      10/24/05-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance GT-40 arrives in Europe! (photos)
  PRESS RELEASE: The new Superformance GT-40 is Here! (photos)
  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance and Shelby Settles All Lawsuits
  Superformance Factory Lays Off Partial Workforce

      12/03/04-  Superformance Owners Forum Featured in KitCar Magazine (photos)
  Ronnie Kruger leaves the United States for home permanently
      10/26/04-  Superformance Dominates at the Run & Gun Competition
  The 2000th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory
      04/18/04-  Bob Olthoff- Olthoff Racing founder passes away
      03/22/04-  S-1 Roadster Production Discontinued
  10th Anniversary "Diamond Edition" Mark-III  Revealed (photos)
  Dream Car Garage responds to Superformance owners
  Coupe tested at Willow Springs by Car & Driver Magazine (photos)
      02/18/04-  Superformance Featured on Dream Car Garage
      02/06/04-  Tom Hnitaw comments on Superformance's Jim Price

      11/22/03-  The Coupe at Texas Motor Speedway (photos)
      11/12/03-  The Coupe at SEMA in Las Vegas (photos)
      11/14/03-  Superformance Anticipates 2004 Price Increase
      11/04/03-  Coupe Breaks 206 mph
      07/30/03-  The First Coupe Arrives in the States (photos)
      07/30/03-  Designing the Superformance-Brock Coupe (photos)
      07/30/03-  The First New AC into the States (photos)
      07/25/03-  PRESS RELEASE: The Superformance Coupe is Here! (photos)
      07/16/03-  PRESS RELEASE: The Lawsuit that began the history of the California SB-100 ruling
      07/16/03-  PRESS RELEASE: Actual Titles Unlimited Lawsuit filed that began the California SB-100 ruling
      06/23/03-  New Superformance Mk-III owner drives 15,000 miles in 2-1/2 months!

      12/13/02-  Superformance S-1 Owners Forum created
      09/25/02-  The 1500th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory
      08/22/02-  PRESS RELEASE: Shelby & Ford vs. Superformance Suit Judgment
      06/22/02-  SCOF raises $3,096 to the DVSF Cystic Fibrosis charity

      06/22/01-  The full story behind the first Double Venom Spring Fling a/k/a London Cobra Show
      02/28/01-  Ronnie Kruger arrives in the United States to live and operate Superformance
      02/09/01-  PRESS RELEASE: Superformance vs. Shelby & Ford Countersuit
      02/07/01-  PRESS RELEASE: Shelby & Ford vs. Superformance Lawsuit

      11/15/00-  The 1000th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory
      10/10/00-  Ronnie Kruger appointed to develop International corporate  HQ in the USA
      09/01/00-  Superformance Cobra Owners Forum created

      03/31/99-  The 500th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory

      01/27/98-  The 250th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory

        Fall /97-  The Second Strike / SCORE registry was created with the first Superformance Owners Group
        Fall /97-  Lance Stander buys his first Superformance

       09/1996-  Superformance Display at the 1996 Run N' Gun event
      04/02/96-  The 100th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory

      06/02/95-  The 50th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory

            1994-  The 24th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory
            1994-  The 11th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory
            1994-  The 10th Mk-III leaves the Hi-Tech factory

      08/26/89-  The 1st  Mk-III sold by Superformance leaves the factory

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